1. does anyone here see a chiropractor? i'm having major neck/shoulder pain, and my DH is starting to insist that i go see one. but i'm sort of in that "chiropractors are fake doctors who take your money and screw up your back" school. which i know is totally irrational and biased, esp. since i have zero personal experience. and it doesn't help that every doctor i've mentioned a chiropractor to has rolled their eyes...LOL.

    can anyone share their experience to make me feel any better about potentially going to a chiro??? or to just confirm my gut instinct to stay far far away?

    TIA :rolleyes:
  2. I've been going to a chiropractor for about 9 years. For me it's a must. For about 3 years, when I was in high school I went 2 times a week, but when I started college I cut down to 1 time a week and have beeing going once a week since. Sure you will find those people who say they're quacks, but I'm a firm believer in you have to do what works for you. And going to one works for me. A lot of people will say that they're effects/benifits are all in your head, but I do feel better when I go.

    I have the chance of developing a disease called AS, where my virtabrae with fuse together. I haven't gotten it yet, but about 5 years ago they ran blood work and found that my numbers were very high and it could be something I might get in the future. Also I have a condition where the muscles across my back develop tears, slits, or breaks, and become weak and painful. Also my neck curves the wrong way and I fractured my pelvis about 6 years ago, so I go to keep everything in-line, moving smoothly, and relaxed. (Damn I sound like I'm falling apart :p:wtf:)

    I started going in high school when they found out I had back problems, I did the whole physical therapy thing and it didn't really work and I ran out of possible times to go via insurance, so my docs reccomended going to a chiropractor. I've been going ever since.

    I've gone to 2 different ones and I must say that you need to find one that fits your personality, like any doc. The one I go to now is great, he really helps me and he did a great job fixing me back up when I fractured my pelvis. My insurance only covers 12 vists a year, but I go once a week--do the math, it doesn't add up:p. But my doc is great, he has a plan that if you pay for a year up front he cuts you deal off of what the office visit would be. So I pay about $850 for a year's worth of visits. To me it's worth every penny.

    Chiropractors aren't for everyone, but it couldn't hurt to try it.
  3. hello kitty, thank you so much for your take.....that definitely helps to hear from someone that's had a good experience....

    i guess you're right, maybe it couldn't hurt to at least meet with one...i guess i'd probably get the 'quack' vibe pretty quickly if the person was no good.
  4. I, too, have had a good experience with my chiropractor. I have chronic, extensive pain in my right shoulder and neck. It's probably due to over use and my dancing.

    I've been going once a week since January, and while I'm not cured, I'm definately better. It's well worth the time and money for me.

    Also, the weekly adjustments have improved my overall posture.
  5. And if you shop around(call around) you may be able to find a few different docs to try out. I know my chiropractor has free first visits. If some in your area do this, then maybe you chould find the one you think would best fit your personaility and injury.
  6. If you find a good one, they can be the best health care person in your life. After being rear-ended in an accident, whiplash ruined my neck. Physicians told me I'd have to live with it. The pain was constant and I couldn't turn my head. I too thought chiros weren't "real", but out of desperation I went to one. Within about 6 weeks he had me pain-free and with good range-of-motion. I went monthly for maintenance. He could take care of back problems before they got very bad and kept my neck moving. I went to him for 20 years.

    Now that we've moved I haven't been able to find someone as good as he was and I've developed bad back problems, sciatica, etc. He was a master.

    Ask around for recommendations--don't go with someone who wants you to sign up for a set # of treatments or who makes outlandish claims. There are excellent chiropractors out there and the right one can help you; I'm sure of it.

    Good luck!!
  7. I say try pilates. It helps my back a lot. I knew someone whose scoliosis improved with pilates. Can't hurt to try. I guess I just don't trust chiropractors, but that's just my opinion. Looks like they have helped lots of people though.
  8. boxermom, thank you so much for that really helps! hmm. i think i'm going to take your advice and ask around to see if i can find someone good in my area, without having to deal with the trial and error of choosing at random. i hate that doctors seem so against chiros, as i know i can't get a decent referral for one from my MD.

    zophie, i've been wanting to try pilates anyway...maybe i'll do both! :smile:

    leelee, thanks for the info...i really appreciate it!
  9. Chiropractors do help. You just need to find the one that you like. Some health insurance plans are now starting to work with chiro's which is a Godsend :smile:
  10. I would say either see an orthopedist or a massage therapist.

    The orthopedist will tell you exactly what's wrong and will advise you on what to do to either fix it or relieve the symptoms and the massage therapist would make you feel better.

    If you do go see a chriopractor, find a good one, and not one that will just perscribe you snake oil, as it were.
  11. I really enjoy my current chiro. He bought out the practice of my old one who had to quit because of a broken arm that would not heal.

    Could we find out the location of the original poster, and maybe a boardie could get a recommendation from a chiro who knows someone?

    A good friend of mine is a chiro, and he has friends all over- his brother is a chiro in Scotland!