Chipped Postman's Lock

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  1. Thanks smally! Maybe when I get Oak Alexa I'll be able to part with my black one long enough to get this repair done. Do you remember how much it cost? Also, is there a time frame to which I could no longer send it in for the repair because I've had it too long?
  2. Reviving this thread because I just noticed the same thing happening to my Alexa. I've been using it for roughly 3 weeks and the turning bit of the lock has the scratched plating.

    For those that got a repair - did the plating scratch again?
  3. Unfortunately yes! :sad: The SA told me this is just what happens with the shiny gold plating! I don't think thats acceptable. It has really put me off that type of hardware and I now aim for brass hardware whenever I can!
  4. I had my Alexa repaired under guarantee for this issue but read so many stories about this happening that I'd lost confidence in the bag and sold it. I just didn't think it was acceptable.
  5. Such a bummer! I think I'll keep mine but yeah, will probably stick to brass hardware in the future. Does rose gold hardware also do this?
  6. I don't know from experience as I've never owned rose gold hardware. But when I've looked at it in store it looks to me like the same sort of shiny plated hardware as the gold so my guess would be it might! :sad:
  7. I just know the 2 bags with rosegold hardware on that I have owned , both did get scratched very easily on the hardware. How they will wear in the long run? I dont know, I has not had mine for more than a few week and used her very little so far.
  8. I just got my medium lily yesterday in the silver finish, I've noticed there's a scratch on the silver postmans lock, can anyone recommend anything I can put on the lock to maybe get rid of the scratch that's on it I'm totally gutted :sad:
  9. Resurrecting a very old thread here but i've just sent my oak Lexie off to Mulberry for the 2nd time in 3 months! :nogood:

    The bag a was a (fabulous) gift in November, I noticed the postman's lock was going black in early Jan... so took it back to the store & the SA was amazingly helpful & sent the bag back.

    The bag came back to me in mid feb with a new lock (which I had been worried about as I got one of the last soft buffalo oak Alexa's with the brushed brass hardware). Anyway, the bag came back fine... a few days later on holiday in NYC I noticed that the brass had rubbed OFF the lock and the stitching on the handle was unravelling. I couldn't do anything whilst away so just baby'd it (if that is even a word).

    I'm so disappointed - my Lexie has been away for repair longer than it's ever been with me & it's kind of ruined what was a lovely lovely wedding anniversary gift. That said, Katrina at Mulberry customer service has been amazing & we have agreed on a refund if this (3rd) lock doesn't work out.

    I was wondering if anyone else is still having these problems? I did point out to mulberry that i've had £30 handbags for more than 10 years with hardware that is still perfect! :wondering
  10. Hi what a shame! But its funny you say this as I have just noticed this happening on my oak patent lexie! Its almost flaking/rubbing off, similar look to as if been coated with something! Very annoying because now I see it its the first thing I look at!
  11. So my bag came back today - the lock is perfect again (it was only away for 3 or 4 weeks) but M customer service say they DO expect the metal to wear.

    Maybe I'm naive but I assumed the hardware on a heavy use item like a postman's lock would be solid brass...?
  12. the lock will eventually scratch and changed color cos it brush against the other metal parts
  13. Yup that's what I expected over time, but the first lock was delaminating and going black within 3 weeks & the second was silver within 2 days!
  14. Why is the plating so delicate!? It should be ultra tough for the prices Mulberry charge. I have several bags with plating that's rubbed off the turn lock and what with the indentations too......
    I'm sure this doesn't happen to M & S bags! I think it's funny how a lot of us have been ignoring these problems (me included!)
  15. I know! This is my first Mulberry. After all these issues I've vowed it's my last too :sad: BUT, I am driving past Shepton M next months so you never know....
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