Chipped Postman's Lock

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  1. Oh how dissapointing and what a bad prospect too. I agree that shiny harware should be shiny and pristine instead of worn.... It's not what you would expect from an expensive designer bag. Sorry, not helping you at all.
  2. Thanks DD, I'm glad it's not just me then!!
  3. :shucks: Totally agree with you that shiny hardware should stay pristine, after all, that is part of why you bought it. Is it possible that they had a batch of faulty hardware? Did Mulberry say anything about that?
  4. I agree, shiny hardware should be pristine, at the beginning at least it's inevitable it will accumulate scratches in the end. For that amount of money I wouldn't put up with something I wasn't happy with, email them back and tell them it's not good enough :sad:.
  5. No, they just apologised for the manufacturing fault and said they strive to use only the highest quality components. My warranty is until February so I will keep a close eye and go straight back to them if it happens again. Here's hoping it was just a faulty lock.....
  6. Fingers crossed for you Jen that it was a faulty lock and doesn't happen again. I've been trying to take a clear pic of the gold PL on my watermelon alexa. I was concerned the same thing was happening to mine.

    I dont know if you can see from the pic, but all around the edges of the flat sides look scraped, both sides. I still have the clear plastic on all the plaques or else they would be marked too.

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  7. Armcandy- yes, that looks like exactly what happened to mine! This is not good news if this is just how the shiny hardware is going to wear, seems there won't be much we can do to prevent it!
    Is your bag still under warranty? Do you think you'll take it back for repair?
    BTW, love that watermelon colour!!
  8. UHoh! :huh: I suppose I should take it back. It was bought on the 7th Jan and I've used it about 10 times max.
    Its so disheartening; that was my SIL purse bought 26/12 returned feb faulty popper. My oak alexa bought 3/1 returned 7/1 due strap loop being loose, exchanged for watermelon and now it needs to go long till it happens again :tdown:
    It no wonder I revert back to my old faithful choc roxy (xmas pressie dec 2005) and still going strong.
  9. My Alexas with brass hardware is the same, it's like the top finish on the turnlock has come of. I don't think it looks that bad though, and I don't really notice it on my bags. I've had my Grape Lexie for 8 months, and I adore her, even with some marks on the hardware. :smile:
  10. :tdown: It's really not good. Not at all what you'd expect when paying Mulberry prices. I feel really disheartened as my SBS was my first Mulberry purchase and I was so excited about it! It's really taken the enjoyment out of it having to worry about it wearing so badly!
    Let me know if you do end up taking your lovely Lexie in for repair, and how you get on!
  11. Thanks Dazzlepuff, in a way it makes me feel better to hear other people's shiny hardware is wearing the same and it's not just my bag. At least I know it's "normal". It's just such a shame Mulberry couldn't design a hardware that doesn't wear so quickly!
  12. I completely agree, they should have done better, it's definitely a design flaw, the lock is naturally going to get a lot of wear as bags get opened and closed all the time. If it bothers you, definitely have Mulberry change the lock, they must be aware of the problem.
  13. I did a search and found this thread - the same thing is happening to my Alexa. The turnlock on my postman lock has chipped and I've only had it for 2 weeks! I purchased it from Harrods and am in Australia. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with getting a replacement instead of a repair?? Is it worth doing that? I mean, will it happen again with the replacement/repaired Alexa? Alexa owners, can you please advise? Thanks so much!

    Also want to add, the reason I've never doubted purchasing the Alexa in the first place (otherwise I would have done some prior research) is that I've had my Roxanne for YEARS and it's pretty much indestructible! I didn't expect the quality of the Alexa to be so bad.
  14. My Alexa has the same thing with the twisty bit of the postman's lock and I noticed it on my 3rd wear ever of the bag. I was really gutted over it, but since I live in NY I don't really have access to a Mulberry store to go into and complain (NYC is about 3 hours away from me). Also, I am sooooooo in love with the leather on my particular Alexa I am scared they will send her in for repairs claim her faulty and I'll never see her again. :sad: I am considering my next trip to NYC taking her with me and see what they say about it. She is however, about 7 months old now so they could totally pull the old "this is what happens with use" card. I just think for the price of an OS Alexa it should pretty much be indestructible!
  15. Mulberry replaced the postman's lock on my alexa no problem whatsoever as the colour was chipping off it.
    ALP713 it might be worth giving repairs a call to see what they can do, I appreciate you would have to send it to the UK but it would be worth it
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