Chipped Postman's Lock

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  1. I noticed this morning that the gold plating has begun to wear off the 'turny bit' of the postman's lock on my bag, and also that the plating on the front plate has begun to wear. I've only had the bag about 2 and a half months! Has anyone else had this problem? Is it normal to expect this?!:sad:
  2. I have not had this problem with any of my postman's locks (Joel, Bays and purse). They show wear, but no bits has chipped off.

    Take it back to the shop and complain ;)
  3. Don't have this problem with my alexa or bays and wouldn't be happy if I did. This isn't normal and shouldn't be expected or acceptable IMO. :tdown:

    I agree with TB you should return it.
  4. Gutted!
    New to this so...I'll take it back to the shop I bought it from. But then what is likely to happen? Will they replace it or send it to be repaired?
    Thanks for your help! X
  5. I suspect they will pull the 'send for repair' old chestnut.
    The popper on my SIL purse completely came off and it was only 2 months old and not used daily but they wouldn't replace it, now she's scared to use it incase it happens again.

    I wouldn't take their first answer, just be polite and firm.
    I had a problem with an alexa the 2nd time I used it, it was less than a week old. They automatically said they would send it for repair, but I looked at the SA with sad eyes and said that wasn't really good enough. They let me exchange and even for a different colour.

    They offer repair first hoping you you will just roll over and accept it. It will probably depend on the store and what their opinion is of the fault. Lots of the girls on TPF have had other repairs done and have been satisfied as far as I'm aware.
    Good Luck x
    let us know what happens
  6. Thanks armcandy! It's the Edinburgh store, I'm hoping they'll be understanding!
    In a way I'm sort if hoping they'll send it for repair as it now has a good few coats of collonil on it and I don't know if I really want to start again! But I'm also not too keen on the idea of sending my SBS away for weeks!! And, like your SIL I know I'll be frightened of it happening again! Not really what you want for a £750+ bag!! :sad:
    Am also off for my first outlet trip to CO tomorrow, not feeling in quite such a 'Mulberry buying place' all of a sudden!!
    Will keep you posted. Thanks so much for your help! :ty:
  7. ^ It was the Edinburgh store my faulty alexa and SIL purse came from. I returned the lexie to the Glasgow store as it was more convenient and they were quite nice actually. SIL returned her purse to Edinburgh. IKWYM about starting again with a new bag, thats not ideal either. In an ideal world quality control would perfect. :rolleyes:
  8. I believe Corries has had good customer service at Glasgow too =)

    I know this prob doesn't help, but according to Norwegian law, the shop will in this case have a right to repair it first, as that might be a much cheaper solution than replacing.

    Make sure you do tell them that you have sprayed it with Collonil and don't want to start over on that process again, and this is not what you should expect for such an expensive bag!

    Hope it'll be sorted for soon.
  9. As it's the lock that faulty i'm sure repairs will just replace this as these parts are removable. If you send a bag away for repair via a store it normally takes longer, about 4 weeks (well in my experience anyway, sometimes 6 weeks)
  10. Ok, so I took my SBS back to Mulberry today to complain about the plating on the postman's lock chipping after 2 months. The SA was really nice but started off trying to tell me that Mulberry probably wouldn't repair it as 'it's not really a fault, this is just what happens with wear'. Surely not?!?!? Anyway, I told him it wasn't really what I expected from such an expensive bag and he agreed and said he would send it back to Mulberry for assessment. He thought they will probably offer me an exchange...
    So now I'll just wait and see what they say....I'm sort of a bit worried that whether they repair/exchange it might just happen again! Having bought a regular oak bays in the CO outlet and compared the hardware I am horrified to see the difference in quality; Bays hardware looks like it's made of brass whereas SBS hardware looks nasty and gold plated in comparison!
    Another Mulberry quality issue perhaps?
  11. Your description between the hardware rings a bell with me!
    I bought watermelon lexie with gold hardware begining of Jan, only used it 1/2 dozen times, and only lately as the weather had improved.
    I noticed a yesterday the turny bit of my lexie's lock looks scratched :shucks:. Its as if the lock piece has scored off the finish.
    My oak bays bought 3 wks ago doesn't look like its going to be affected this way....In future I think I'll be wary of shiny gold hardware. I wonder if I should return it too, but I've been enjoying using it (pop of colour) this week in the sun and suspect it will happen again.
    It must be the quality of the finish or the actual lock pieces on the flap are too sharp and scoring it.
  12. I agree with you re shiny gold hardware...maybe this IS just what happens?! In which case, Mulberry really need to re-think this. As DH said, you'd expect the leather to wear but NOT the metal?!
    Realised that lily also has this shiny gold hardware and, as my next potential purchase, I'd be worried it would also do the same?!
    DH reckons it's a money saving effort by Mulberry as gold plated metal will be much cheaper to produce...
  13. I just had a shiny lock replaced on a bag.... they do start to "peel" a little after a while. The brass hardware doesn't really "peel" in the same way but it can start to tarnish after a few years. I've noticed this has happened on some of my older bags.
  14. shopaholicmum- how long had you had the bag with the shiny hardware before it needed to be replaced?
  15. Well, I got my SBS back yesterday, Mulberry apologise for this 'manufacturing fault' and replaced the postman's lock (just the 'turny bit' though, not the front plate which is also chipped!) :sad:
    But now I'm left thinking, if this is what the shiny hardware does, then surely it's just going to happen again? So am I just expected to live with this? Or maybe I'm being too picky?! It just that the shiny hardware looks like it should be pristine, while the brassy hardware suits a bit of tarnishing IMO....
    So confused!! :confused1:
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