Chipped beads on beaded wristlet

  1. Hi, I just purchased a Coach beaded wristlet from eBay and the package reaches me today. I'm so disappointed, some of the beads chipped! :sad: What should I do about it? I'm still new to eBay and had the auction authenticated at tPF. I've contacted the seller and she did say that I can send it back but shipping would cost a lot as I'm not located in US and I'm not sure how much is the refund and whether it worth all the trouble. Isn't it the seller's responsibility to ensure that the item arrive in good condition? Also, is it normal for sellers to charge almost triple of the actual shipping charge?

    Or should I consider keeping the wristlet and bring it to Coach for repair? How much will it cost and do I need a receipt or any proof of purchase?

    Thanks in advance for all info and suggestions!
  2. was it noted in the auction that the beads were chipped? how was the wristlet packaged?

    can you share the auction number with me?

    I have the beaded tote and a wristlet...have used them for a long time, and have not noticed chipping...therefore, i wouldn't think they could chip just being sent in the mail.

    well - they can charge what they want. When you bid on an auction, you have to agree on the TOTAL price...not just the price you are bidding on. IMO, the actual price of the auction to me includes shipping. so if it's too high, i pass personally.
  3. i had the beaded tote and when the beads started to chip, i took it to the coach store and they told me it was not repairable. so they gave me $428 in store credit (or however much the tote was) to get another bag.

    the issues with the eBay seller are a whole different topic. do the auction pics show chipping? i also don't think they would get chipped just from being mailed...
  4. can I ask...did you keep the beaded tote? or did you have to "surrender" the bag to get the store credit?
  5. no, i had to give it back - i was kinda bummed.

    could you imagine if they let me keep it?! i would've definitely kept using it (it was my daily bookbag for school), AND i could've gotten a new bag! haha.
  6. The photo of the wristlet in the auction is in good condition, none of the beads are chipped or I would not have bidded. It was listed as new with tag(and it does come with Coach factory tags and little care booklet, etc) and there was no mention of chipping beads at all. After I emailed the seller about the condition of the item, she said it must have happened during shipping.

    The wristlet is inside the white Coach drawstring dustbag(quite thin material) and put inside a USPS Global Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope without any paddings at all.

    I do agree with you on this. But the thing is, I would not mind the charge at all if the item was packed securely. I was expecting better service with such shipping and handling charge, after all the handling charge apparently was almost double the actual shipping cost. With that, I would expect better way of packing the item (at least insert some paddings).
  7. Well, at least you get to replace your bag free of charge. I've called my local Coach boutique and they told me that they will not be able to repair it as it is consider normal wear and tear and they didn't even offer anything else or any solutions. :shrugs: I would called another boutique to confirm this info but unfortunately, this is the only Coach boutique we have around here. :sad: I would not mind keeping it if it is repairable.

    Do you think there's anything I can do about the beads? I can't tell if the beads are sewn on or glued on. What are the chances of repairing it elsewhere? :shrugs: Would it look ugly if I find some gold paint to color on top of the chipped parts to make it less obvious? :shame:

    *sigh...* I really don't know if I should keep it or not! :push: :sweatdrop:
  8. You can explain to the seller that a return would be hard & costly for you and ask if she is willing to do a partial refund instead? Sometimes sellers are very willing to work with you if an item turns out to be not as described so contact her and see how it goes. Hope it all works out for you!
  9. Well, maybe other sellers are, but I have a feeling not this seller. I've been waiting for her reply for one whole day, sent her another email after that which couldn't get through and so I've sent a message via ebay and hopefully she'll reply soon. Still waiting... :sweatdrop:

    What do you think is the reasonable amount of partial refund?