chip & pepper jeans

  1. do these jeans run small or big compared to allen b, hudson, or true religion??
  2. in my experience, they run large compared to hudson. c&p size 24 is too big for me, but hudson fits great.
  3. C&P runs big. I normally wear 25 for 7FAH and COH. For C&P, I have to get 24 and even 24 is still loose around my thighs.
  4. Anyone know anything about C&P's JC Penny line?
  5. for me they run large. I had to go down a size from true religion and seven's.
  6. Definitely run large. And mine originally fit me but they stretched out a lot after I wore them a few times.
  7. IMO the chip & peppers i have tried ran slightly large. some are true to size though. hudson jeans usually run a full size small. true religion sizing depends on the wash and cut a lot of times.
  8. I find C&P jeans run at least one size large. My pair also stretched so much that I needed a belt. Hudsons run small for me.