Chinkee21's first RM!!! Come in and see!

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  1. Here she is ladies! After waiting for 5 long days, finally, my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Dusty is here!! I couldn't wait til I get home, so I sneaked some pics while at work! Hehe! She has the softest leather!! Could rival 05 Bbags, I swear!!:sweatdrop: The color is almost the same IRL, just a shade darker than 06 Greige Bbag! Enjoy! Please someone enlarge her for me, for the love of me, I still can't figure how to attach directly to my post!
    IMG_2796_resize.JPG IMG_2797_resize.JPG IMG_2798_resize.JPG
  2. She's beautiful! :yahoo:Beautiful photos, too!
  3. so nice!
  4. that silver hardware is TDF. what other bags have the silver?
  5. beautiful@@! congrats! the dusty is a really neat colour!
  6. She's lovely! Great that you loved your first RM bag! Congrats!
  7. She looks so soft and yummy. I want to pet it. Congrats!
  8. Congrats! Looks beautiful!!! :smile:
  9. :drool::drool::drool: GORGEOUSSSS! Such a beautiful color, and the leather looks so soft!
  10. Me likey me especially likey the silver hardware!!!! Congratulations!!
  11. :love::love::love:

    Wow, now I think I have to get a dusty/silverspot MAM!
  12. Very pretty! More pics pls. :smile:
  13. gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous! wow chinkee! fabulous choice for your first RM! :tup:
  14. :cutesy::ty:everyone for your sweet comments!!

    Shopbopchic, they have it in Night in LB site, and also Dusty/silverspot in revolve. :yes:

    purple, it really is so soft and thick!!
  15. [​IMG]

    It's gorgeous Chinkee, congratulations!