Chinkee21's favorite teasures!!Please Come in and see!!

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  1. Hello and welcome to my bag showcase!! I thought it was time I posted on this forum after looking at everyone's yummy collections!! Recently I started collecting mostly, if not all, Balenciaga handbags!! I started 5 months ago and have a few by now...I do however love other brand bags, especially Marc Jacobs, Kooba & most recently discovered my love for Rebecca Minkoff handbags!! So, with out further they are! Lemme start with my favorites, Balenciaga!! I will be posting more as I add new purchases to my every growing collection...ENJOY!!:smile:

    Group shot(back row): 07 Jaune Work, 08 Electric Blue SGH City, 05 Magenta City, 08 Black Work.
    (front row): 06 Grenat City, 07 Tomato Twiggy, 07 Mogano First & 07 Jaune City.
    IMG_2789_resize.JPG IMG_2773_resize.JPG IMG_2774_resize.JPG IMG_2781_resize.JPG IMG_2778_resize.JPG
  2. More individual shots! :smile:
    The last shot is of my 07 Sienna Day with my 07 Mogano First which wasn't included in the family shot!
    IMG_2783_resize.JPG IMG_2785_resize.JPG IMG_2787_resize.JPG IMG_2786_resize.JPG IMG_2597_resize_resize.JPG
  3. Next up are the rest of my collection, assorted brands that I love! :love:
    Please correct me if I am wrong as I do not know all the style names for each bag!:shame:
    Back row: Chanel Medium Caviar, Jamin Puech beaded shoulder bag, Bulga Medium Butterfly in Yellow, Linea Pelle Dylan in Bark, Ana Corinna Mini City Tote in Jade, Marc Jacobs Striping Trish in Black/Dark Brown, Kooba Jillian in Black. Front row: Via Spiga Clutch, Rafe evening bag & Louis Vuitton Multicolor Trouville.
    IMG_2790_resize.JPG IMG_2791_resize.JPG IMG_2792_resize.JPG IMG_2793_resize.JPG
  4. Here are my assorted small accessories collection! :love: Balenciaga Coin Purses, Mini Compagnon & Real Coin wallets, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs Long Zip wallets & french wallet, Coach french wallet & belt bag, Orla Kiley Coin Purse and Louis Vuitton Black Epi Long Wallet.
  5. And last but not least, she just arrived today!:yahoo: My first Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Dusty!!:love:
    IMG_2796_resize.JPG IMG_2797_resize.JPG IMG_2798_resize.JPG
  6. wow this is an awesome collection!! i LOVE your balenciagas specially the magenta city, it looks gorgeous!
  7. Wow, you have an amazing collection! Bal heaven! Congratulations!
  8. All I can say is WOWWWW! I don't own any Balenciagas and I'm drooling over your collection! Gorgeous!
  9. GORGEOUS colours! WOW!
  10. OMG what a gorgeous collection!! I love all your Bals especially the 05 Magenta!! I also love the RM MAM in Dusty! I want one now!! You've got such an impressive collection for only starting to collect Bals 5 months ago. Great colors!
  11. I've never cared much for yellow, but that yellow Bbag makes my heart skip a beat!
  12. Cute bag overload! I think my head just exploded!! Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  13. OMG! Bbags, bbags everywhere! :nuts: LOVE LOVE LOVE your Mogano First - heck ALL your bbags! Thanks for sharing!
  14. I love that RM.. very classy!! :tup:
  15. Nice and colorful collection!