Chinkee21 has gone RM mad!!

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  1. Ok, I am still waiting for my Dusty MAM to arrive, any day now....:sweatdrop: And as usual, I am surfing around the forum in my usual section and decided to check out the latest with your RM purchases, I saw a thread started by karenab about the RM blues, I admit, I loved the cobalt blue color, but I'm guessing this went quite fast after it was released. What is the official name of that color, anyone? So I surfed around some more and saw they also have Ocean and Night Blue. When I saw there was a studded MA on active endeavors, I snatched it up!:nuts: Now I will ba waiting for 2 bags and I can't hardly contain myself! I think this is another addiction looming in the future....:sweatdrop:
  2. SAME WITH ME! I came on here just browsing and the next thing I know an hour later I'm ordering a specially made Nikki in Wine and frantically calling and looking online for the yellow Nikki as well! Hahaha our newest addiction...:sweatdrop:
  3. chinkee~ congrats on the purchases!!

    i just realised your from hong kong :nuts: are you cantonese by any chance? cos it is so rare for hongkies to love RM!! i would know cos i'm one :P usually they're over at the LV forum (not that theres anything wrong with that!)
  4. ^^ Aki, I so agree with you... I'm canto and I joined tPF for LV in the first place :P
  5. And for every balenciaga you buy, you could buy 2-3 RM for the same price!!
  6. Purple, :nuts: I am loving the Nikki too, but as I started a thread asking the ladies if I might be too short for one :shame: Oh well! Post photos when you get yours!

    Aki, no, I am not cantonese, I'm Filipino-chinese, but I live in HK now, but haha, you are right, I haven't heard of any locals who are into RM! Actually, US made handbags are not so popular here, mostly LV's and Prada's are what I see on the streets! I love RM precisely for that reason, cuz I prefer to carry a different style bag than everyone else!:shame:

    daphodill84, yeah, they are a tad cheaper aren't they? But nothing will replace Bbags in my heart! Hehe!
  7. I love this rationalization!:yahoo:
  8. ^^ Hehe!! I'm with you on that!! I am not sure I am ready to give up on finding my Bbag HGs....but at the moment, these little RM babies are definitely taking up alot of my attention! Sigh...Saturday and still now bag in the post...*sniff*