Chinese Shar-Pei, Anyone?


Sofa King Broke
Aug 29, 2006
Sunshine State of Mind
My daughter likes chinese shar-pei. I'm serioulsly considering buying one but for all three of us this will be our first pet ever. I really don't like pets that much. I learned these dogs have many diseases. Do they required a lot of maintenance? Additionally, we would like a pet we can keep outdoors. thanks,:s


Feb 5, 2006
the forest dim
I honestly wouldn't suggest getting a dog to keep outside. Dogs need love and warmth. Shar-Pei's do tend to have alot of issues, so I would research in-depth before you make any big decisions. Perhaps if you don't want the dog sleeping with you it can be your daughters dog, and her responsibility...however you have to be prepared for her to leave you with duties such as bathing and feeding, etc as most children do.
Again, I would suggest that you nix the idea alltogether if you feel so strongly about keeping it out of the house.


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
My Bible is the ASPCA Complete Guide To Dogs (Barnes & - Books: ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs, by Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld, Paperback).

It says:

The independent and sometimes stubborn shar-pei is devoted to its family, protective of its territory, and wary of human and animal strangers, socialization and obedience classes at an early age are a must. The shar-pei does best with respectful children at least five years old. Confrontations with other animals can be a problem.

The Chinese Shar Pei is not suitable for inexperienced dog owners. Breed related health concerns: (and it lists all of them.)


Apr 14, 2006
no pet should be kept outside. if you don't want to always have a dog around, please don't get one. dogs are social animals, they don't belong outside. sharpeis especially don't have the kind of hair to live outside.


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Aug 22, 2006
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Yeah, I also heard Shar-pei needs a great deal of care. They have folds in the skin and you have to bath them and take care of them regularly or else they will have problems.

Dogs need a great deal of care, its like getting another kid but they will great joy.


Jan 1, 2006
I have a Shar Pei and Iwould be very careful getting one for your daughter. They are really only for experienced dog owners, no matter what any breeder tells you. They are fiercly loyal to their owners (they were guard dogs for farmers in China), which can cause aggression issues if not dealt with properly, they are stubborn and very, very intelligent.

Also, any veterinarian will tell you that many a vet has a condo in the south due to the health problems of Shar Peis. My vet even told me that in vet school the joke is that you only need a few to sustain a successful practice. Not only are their skin an issue, as a breed they are very allergic. Also their ear canals are very tiny, leading to yeast infections and ear troubles so you have to clean them weekly. If a breeder tells you their dogs are not allergic, run away, they are totally lying. All Shar Peis have allergies and intolerances to something.
My 9 year old is on hypoallergenic food that is 70 bucks a med sized bag. She takes medication daily at a cost of 30 bucks a month.
She is a beautiful girl and considered very healthy and is the love of my life.- but Shar Peis are not for everyone. I suggest you check out some rescue web sites to inform yourself more about this breed before you give one to your daughter.
Sorry for the long post.


cat hoarder
Aug 23, 2006
For Pete's sake, don't get a pet if you're not willing to maintain it! A pet is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling organism--not a fashion accessory! Just because your daughter wants one doesn't mean she should have one. Nothing is more pitiful than a "designer" pet left chained up all alone in a backyard because the owners don't want to be bothered after they acquire it. I know, I used to live next door to some horrible people in CA who had a beautiful Akita that they practically abandoned in their unlandscaped backyard. They never let it indoors because it was "too big". No one ever played with it or took it for walks. That poor dog was so lonely it broke my heart! Luckily they finally had the sense to find another home for it.

Please don't be those horrible neighbors! If you are having doubts this early, forget about getting a dog.


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
My daughter likes chinese shar-pei.
Yea and?! If you daughter likes to smoke pot are you going to buy pot for her? :Push:

I'm serioulsly considering buying one but for all three of us this will be our first pet ever. I really don't like pets that much.
you dont like pets but you want to get one for your daughter? how old is your daughter? you do realize that you will have to take care of the dog as well right?

a pet is not an accessory, you cant just forget about the puppy in the back of your closet and expect the puppy to be ok at the end of the day, if not month :wtf:

Do they required a lot of maintenance? Additionally, we would like a pet we can keep outdoors. thanks,:s
All dogs require lots of care. they need attention, love, warmth, and affection. You can't keep a dog, especially a shar-pei, outside.

I really hope you're not considering this!!! Let me state again that a dog is not an accessory!!! Get your daughter something else for crying out loud, how about a DS Lite and the game Nintendogs? :idea:


Apr 17, 2006
In a land far far away...
I appeal to you to NOT get a dog. A dog is not a bag you can sell when you decide you don't like it. Dogs require love and patience and most of all a committment. As I write this, I have two dogs, one on each side of me, sleeping on my sofa. Dogs are pack animals. To leave a dog outside all the time is cruel.

I have two dogs that are rescues. Dogs that other people got because they were cute puppies and then tossed away when they were not convenient to their lives. Each of these dogs were destructive when I got them. They chewed a hole in the side of my custom leather sofa, destroyed my hot tub cover, chewed my phone line, destroyed my cable tv line, chewed holes in my dry wall and the list goes on. I chose to make a committment to them and am thankful every day I hung in there. If you don't like pets to start with, I can easily predict that you will not be able to deal with the needs of a puppy. Btw, take my word that purebreds can be just as destructive when puppies. My parents have always had show dogs and can point out the holes in their walls and chewed furniture that their little purebred pooches inflicted on their house.

I plead with you to consider what the committment a dog takes, search your heart and tell your daughter no. There's no shame in it; there's only courage. :smile: