Chinese Laundry Strate boot??

  1. Does anyone know if I will be able to find the Chinese Laundry Strate over the knee suede boot anywhere for less than the $99 they have at Zappo's?
  2. Probably not. They were really popular after they were shown on Gossip Girl, so it's a miracle that they even re-released them (on, Zappos, etc) as the "TOP" boot. Try E-bay maybe...
  3. or keep looking for coupons for Zappos, Chinese Laundry, etc.
  4. Try the top is actaully are the replacement of the strate.
  5. wow those are really cute boots

    if i dont find anything this fall/winter, im deff grabbing those
  6. I saw the Top style at DSW on clearance for $20.
  7. oo which dsw, fiorano??
  8. I've been looking for them too.. if I find them elsewhere for cheaper, I'll let you know and vice versa!