chinese laundry bags - which color

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  1. I saw these today - they are quite large, but I was thinking of grabbing one for travel, or just to have a big bag - they are marked down to 50 dollars CDN each! What do you think? The white has blue trim piping and lilac lining, the black has pink piping and black lining, the tan has pink piping and beige lining.
    41252-black.jpg 41252-tan.jpg 41252-white.jpg
  2. I like the black best. The white is nice but it might show wear if you use it for travel. I don't know how I feel about tan with pink piping, not loving that combo.
  3. Ooh, I like these! I love the tan one, and the white would be my second choice. Very nice!
  4. I love the tan one!!! Very pretty!
  5. Very nice - I'd go for the tan or black for travelling.
  6. I bet the tan and pink look cute together!
  7. I must have awful taste! I was leaning towards the white because it looks crisp for summer!
  8. tan
  9. I found a pic of the model with the bag - shows the size. How many of you would use a bag this big for an every day casual bag?
  10. Tan and pink :heart:
  11. I'd definitely use this as an everyday work bag. No need to worry about shoes, a sweater, umbrella, books or work folders...anything I might toss in at the last minute would most likely fit!

    It's still full price (81.00 USD) on the Chinese Laundry site. I might grab one of these when/if they go on sale online...
  12. I really love these!
  13. Tan
  14. Black!!!
  15. Order preference for me:

    1) TAN (sooo awesome)
    2) White
    3) Black