Chinese Herbs Best for Period Pain

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    CHINESE HERBS ARE more effective at battling period pain than conventional drugs, claim researchers.

    A group in Australia has discovered that herbal mixtures, including liquorice root, cinnamon bark and fennel fruit, will relieve painful cramps far better than anti-inflammatories or the Pill.

    More than 3,5000 women took part in 39 individual trials across four countries to test the different forms of pain relief.

    'All available measures of effectiveness confirmed the overall superiority of Chinese herbal medicine to placebo, no treatment, anti-inflammatory drugs, the contraceptive pill, acupuncture and heat compression,' said the lead author of the report, Xiao Shu Zhu, from the University of Western Sydney's Centre for Complementary Medicine Research. (18 October 2007)
  2. Well I take that... it is called "Cramp Bark". It seems to actually help, but not when my pain is REALLY bad. Then it doesn't help me out much.
  3. I'm so gonna try that. I prefer Chinese HERBS over drugs any day.
  4. I totally agree that Chinese medicine is the best! Chinese Herbs saved my life and i have studied them for stomach issues. I take one herb that helps the heavy periods and too much bleeding. I also taek some homeopathic remedies for pain and cramping.