chinese dumpling soup diet

  1. just wondering how healthy is dumpling soup?? is it high in protein and low in carbs?? it consists of just minced meat wrapped in the rice paper thingy (sori don't know what the technical terms for it is)?

    cuz my friend has been drinking just dumpling soup for a month and he has lost 5 kg...he said he's on u think it's true?
  2. I thought that the dumplings had a high fat content - I could be wrong though. I know that the Chinese Pork dumplings (Cha Siew Bao) have about a 50% fat content in their filling (saw that on a cooking show).
  3. If you are watching your weight, stay away from dumplings! They're the perfect combination of fat and carbs to make you put on weight!
    As for your friend, it really depends what he was eating before he went on this dumpling soup diet. If he'd been on a diet of burgers and fries, I wouldn't be surprised if he lost weight on drinking dumpling soup.

    P.S. I don't think any Chinese food is good for weightloss.
  4. I think that dumplings won't make you lose weight I think you mean 'sui kow' as in meat/ shrimp wrapped in flour wrappers, hence I think the flour would definitely not be advisable
    however, i disagree that Chinese food is not good for losing/ maintaining weight, perhaps it is the 'Americanised' chinese food that is always greasy/ oily..
    Chinese food is very diverse and steamed foods is definitely healthy. it just depends on how you prepare it! of course deep fried stuff would be oily but so will deep fried 'other' foods.
    I have managed to lose weight while eating Chinese food, of course being Chinese myself, I prepare most foods the steamed/ boiled way and I eat brown rice instead of white rice.
    Good Luck!
  5. yeah i disagree w chinese food being bad for weightloss too.
    obviously it depends on the dish - obviously anything deep fried is bad, but there're heaps of stirfries which can be made with little oil; lots of yummy steamed dishes, lots of rice, clear soups, fresh vegetables..

    however i agree that dumplings are usually made with high fat content in the mince. unless you made it yourself with lean meat.
  6. well.. he's eating the steamed dumplings.. he made some for me today.. his reasoning is that it's minced pork (protein) and minimum carbo (the flour wrap) and it's steamed.. hence it's healthy.. he's pretty obese though..
  7. ^ If he made it himself with extremely lean pork with vege and steam cook it...then it's healthy.'s very high in fat content steam or not.
  8. I agree! but then I think the flour wrap would not be healthy (I mean if he's into low carb diet, usually the flour wraps sold ready made are made of processed flour unless you wanna make your own wraps?)
  9. just make your own, but omit the wraps and make them meatballs in clear soup...
    often there's water chestnuts in the meat mix too, which is crunchy and healthy and yum. and if you boil a leafy veg in the soup, even more so. and the flavourings (like fish sauce, soy, sesame oil) make it v yum.
  10. dumplings (the kind that go in soup) are very healthy. they are completely different foods from the barbeque mexican tacos versus cold wraps.

    basic meat dumplings are just seasoned (soy sauce, garlic, coriander, etc.) ground meat (pork, beef, chicken, lamb) and diced veggies (celery, cabbage, etc.) wrapped in a THIN piece of flour (they should be somewhat translucent after cooking). or veggie dumplings have clear noodles (vermicelli?), tofu, mushrooms, etc. in them.
  11. i agree that you could just omit the wraps...and of course its THIN kind I was referring to :smile:
  12. It all depends on the kind of dumplings also. If he made it himself, I think he'll be ok. Afterall, he knows what is in it. As far as store bought etc..., well, I remember an article about how Chinese folks are getting heavier due to their affinity for Dim sum... I don't think what you get in the restaurants, etc.. are anywhere near as healthy.

    For the most part, single food diets work for a certain period of time, because you get tired of eating it, you tend to eat less. But then when people get off of them, they tend to binge on all the things they deprived themselves of. I would recommend a healthy balanced eating over anything like this.
  13. I don't know if eating dumplings would be an effective weight loss method, but if you're losing weight, ask for steamed dumplings, not fried.
  14. The dumplings used in those soups are steamed, not fried. I could see it being healthy if you use lean chicken for the inside and thin wonton wraps or cabbage for the outside.