China wholesaler, factory prices! We offer highest quality designer bags

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  1. xxxx NO SPAM on tPF please!
  2. go away! we don't want your fake handbags! :mad:
    they make me :sick:
  3. I'm sorry but we don't like to carry fakes around here. Please don't just sign up for this forum to promote your fakes!
  4. bag2218 do you think we would want to talk about our bags in the forum if they happen to be fakes ... pls use your head and leave this forum
  5. :mad: please do not come to this forum and try and sell your stuff... we dont want it.
  6. Get lost!!
  7. You won't make any business here as we all go for the authentic bags and not the cheap knock offs, so try it somewhere else or better get yourself a honest job!!
  8. Crawl back into your hole you pathetc maggot.
  9. Go away spammer! Mods, ban this new member!
  10. I reported it.
  11. :sick: Ewww! I won't even acknowledge his existence :yucky:
  12. hi bag2218,

    I'd like 100 of each bag please, and make sure they're all plastic wrapped and include a teardrop leather sample that's attached to the bags.

    I'm just kidding. :biggrin:
  13. grrrrrrrrrr..leave!
  14. Hello "DEAR FRIEND"...leave everyone alone & stop :censor: EMAILING ME!!!!!!!!!!!! through my eBay auctions....nobody wants your bags:mad:
  15. I think we should remove the profile too, the troll left some info there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.