China tags

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  1. I've been cutting out the cloth tags inside all my stuff that says Made In China. If I ever want to sell anything do you think that would be a problem?
  2. why do you cut them off? ive heard of the pony tail scarfs, but not purses.

    just curious!
  3. Cutting out the tags doesn't change where is was made. Leave the tags in the bags from now on.
  4. I would leave them on... people could be suspicious and everyone knows where they are made anyway.. they are so small I don't see an issue with keeping them on. :shrugs:
  5. I'd leave them in, too. Those tags are expected to be there and someday, if you think you might want to sell any of them on eBay, someone might think your bags are fake if the tags are missing. Why are you removing them?
  6. ^ Agree with all of the above. Keep them in, they don't really bother you that much do they? They're so teeny!
  7. I am not sure of the answer to your question, but I did cut one of the made in China tags out of one of my wristlets. I bought it at the outlet and it already had a cut in it (I am guessing that is another way to mark it as an outlet purchase, but I don't know for sure). It bugged me that it had a cut in it already so I cut the whole tag out. Honestly, I kind of like the way it looks now with the tag not in there, but I wouldn't cut them out unless there was a reason.
  8. If you were the seller and noted it in the auction as "tag missing" I would consider the item damaged
  9. It would be a problem for me as a buyer. I'd rather the tag be in it than someone went at it with a scissors. I'd consider it damaged.
  10. Hmmm. I cut them out because it looks cheap especially againts Legacy lining. I don't use scissors and nothing looks hacked up. I'm very precise with an exacto blade and you cannot even tell there was anything there to begin with. I don't really plan on selling anything anytime soon -- just wondered for future possibility.

    So when you guys shop on eBay you always ask the seller to take a picture of the Made in China tag?? And if it doesn't have one you would consider it to be a fake or damaged? I mean no offense, but I think that's pretty funny. Oh well, to each his own huh?
  11. I'd never imagine someone would have removed it, so I would not ask. However, if I noticed that it had been removed upon receiving it, I would contact the seller.

    I guess I just wonder why anyone would examine the interior of their bag often enough, especially when it contains a wallet and other items, to even see the tag, let alone enough to be bothered that such a small tag made it look cheap. But, like you said, to each their own.
  12. No offense as I don't know you personally but this is like a good psychology picking of your mind ^^ If you think the tag looks cheap, then the bag must be cheap, I keep thinking that you have that mindset where you see a 'made in china' tag and think cheap but wait a minute you just spent good $ on a coach bag, which is not cheap so you think cutting out the tag will fix the little dilemna.

    Correct if I'm wrong because I'm sort of in the same boat, at times. The other times I really don't give a second thought about the tag.
  13. Me too! I would think something was wrong with the bag and it was a final sale bag or something. I wouldn't bid on it personally. I do not alter my Coach bags in any way.

  14. As a seller, you wouldn't disclose that the Made in China tag was missing? I sure would know after I received it that it wasn't there even if I hadn't thought to ask prior to bidding. No offense but I always hope sellers disclose everything they know about the item but that's not always the case, unfortunately. Edit: No offense, I understand everybody thinks differently and some things do not bother a person and other things do. I for example do not like flawed leather that has deep pitting or deep scratches and I would hope the seller would take pictures and show them. I hadn't thought of a missing tag, though, that hasn't crossed my mind before but I do like to see where my Coach bags are made because from what I understand, not ALL are made in China and I just like to read where they are made.
  15. i would keep them tags..doesnt bother me much as it's quite tiny...