China Place Settings

  1. I've been adding on to my China collection since I got married in 1980. I just received an important piece (well, to me, anyway) that I ordered from Replacements, Ltd. It's a tureen, ladle and under-plate. My pattern was discontinued shortly after I started collecting it and so I am always thrilled when I get to add on something special. I have a beautiful vitrine that I use to display it in. I just about flip out whenever we have to use it for entertaining! I'm so nervous. But in 26 years not one piece has ever been broken.

    Anyway, do any of you enjoy collecting pieces too? What are your patterns? If you have pictures, I'd love to see them! My pattern is Loewstoft by Adams. If my DH will show me how to post a picture I will.
  2. I have my Mom's old Lenox china with gold trim. The thing I REALLY collect, however, is my silver service. It belonged to my grandmother... it is made by COMMUNITY and is called Morning Star.

  3. I just got married a year and a half ago, but I love my china as well. The pattern is "Illusion" in celadon by Barbara Barry for Haviland. I actually don't want everything to match exactly, so I am supplementing my main china with other peices that I think are complimentary in style and color. So far, that means the regular 5-peice place settings in Illusion, ruffle bowls from Annieglass, and sugar, creamer, and coffeepot by Reichenbach (which I can't find a picture of). The Reichenbach stuff came from Anthropologie.
    hav_illusion.jpg annie_glass.jpg reichenbach_cream.jpg reichenbach_sugar.jpg
  4. I didn't register for china when I got married b/c I inherited my great grandmother's on my dad's side. I don't have a picture but it is cream with small pink flowers and a very intricate silver border. It is very pretty but doesn't really go with my decor. I have it stored. Just recently my Grandma gave me a set of Amber depression glas and I love using it and I am collecting the pieces that I don't have. I agree with Litigatrix, I don't like everything to match all the time so I use my Amber coffee and creamer with my white everyday dishes.
  5. I'm totally addicted. For everyday use I use either Villeroy and Boch French Garden or Villeroy and Boch New Wave. And I have many, many serving pieces for each.

    For Christmas I have V/B Christmas Naif and for more formal Christmas Fitz and Floyd St. Nicholas

    As for old china I have so much Limoges, Havilland Limoges, Rosenthal I can't even begin to go there. Most is packed away. I know "dainty" china is kind of "out" right now but I'm sure it will come back.

    I also have a set of V/B Ballon that I was using for everyday until I found out a mug was worth over $50 on eBay. Yikes - expensive way to drink your coffee for everyday!!

    Oh, and I have a set of Dior Malachite also for more "formal" everyday.

    I think I need to join a China/Dish Forum!!
  6. I've seen your beautiful pattern. I love the way Haviland has "modernized" their look while still looking so elegant!
  7. You have some nice collections! My mom had a Rosenthal pattern and I remember thinking it was the nicest and best china in the world. I've never been able to find an exact match to her set, and anyway, it's with my sister now. But it had the most perfectly, true-to-life rendering of a red rose on a stem, complete with the thorns.