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  1. I thought a well established brand like China Glaze deserved its own thread. Gelaze has been released at Sally's and it's buy one get one free! It's $12, $11 with a beauty club card. I got 4 polishes for less than $6 each. At 9.76 mL they're smaller than OPI and full-size Gelish, but larger than RCM or gelish mini. Gelaze system is "gel-n-base in one" and does not have a base coat or primer. It's just the color and top coat. I didn't count them, but there were about 20 colors. Sorry, I don't have swatches, but I've attached pics below.

    1. peachy keen
    2. flip flop fantasy (this color confuses my camera)
    3. fairy dust
    4. flying dragon

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  2. The colors are amazing
  3. nice! Will have to post my four new ones later...
  4. I believe there are 34 colors out in the initial launch. I have read a few blogs about them and so far they seem to get good reviews.

    I have noticed that the colors don't seem to be good matches to their RNP counterpart. Not necessary a terrible thing and the colors seem nice on their own, but just figured I'd toss that out there.

    I am planning to go later this week and pick up a couple.
  5. Thanks, I was just wondering about reviews for the gelaze.
  6. Yes, I saw one blogger who said that hers still looked good after 10 days, and she took it off because she was tired of the color (better than the reviews for Sensationail's similar line, Fuse). If it doesn't stay on well, I might try scrubbing it in, though I'm concerned about staining. If all else fails, I'm sure it can be incorporated into a conventional gel manicure with a base coat. I really can't wait to try my new colors! I love a good sale!
  7. So excited about these!! Yeah Fairy Dust!! I bought 4 the other day and am on day 4 wearing Secret Periwinkle and it applied and is wearing great. I didn't buy the topcoat but used the RCM I already had. Worked fine. The only problem is that Secret Periwinkle is not the blue color of the rnp, it is straight up lilac. Still pretty but not the same as the original. My Sally's didn't have all the colors in yet so I'll be going back for more before the bogo ends.
  8. So excited to see this! When does the BOGO end?

  9. China Glaze and Gelaze are both bogof all through March
  10. Yesterday I went and picked up 5 colors and the Top Coat.

    First... the top coat STINKS! As in, smells bad. Very chemical like smell. Strong.

    Colors are really pretty though. I got Awakening, Coconut Kiss, Turned Up Turquoise, For Audrey and Secret Peri-wink-le.

    I am planning to go back for Dorothy Who and Peachy Keen, both were not in stock when I went.
  11. Here's 3 thin coats of Shocking Pink with the Gelaze topcoat. I'm trying it out on my Cinderella hand to see how it lasts on me 😊. Its also not as neon as the RNP & not that bright in the picture too.
  12. I got an email the other day from Sally's about Gelaze. Might get a couple of colors on Friday. If I use a different top coat do you think it will still cure okay?
  13. Chickettes reviewed one of the colors in her blog and in the comments section she mentioned she used Gelish top-coat over the Gelaze.

    I'm out of town for work and had some time to kill between appointments so I popped into a Sally's that was nearby. The Gelaze polishes were still in boxes waiting to be put on display. The woman working said I could rifle through the boxes but I felt bad doing that. I'll hit another store in the next day or two to pick up some colors.
  14. Well that's good to know. I've just started getting into doing gel manicures myself.
  15. Honestly I use my Gelish products (base and top) for everything. So far I have found them to be compatible with everything I have thrown at it, from IBD to SensatioNail to Cuccio.

    The only reason I even got the top coat was because I needed to round out my purchase for the BOGO offer and the other colors I wanted were not in stock.