China, Crystal, and Silver....

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  1. So my fiance and I are going to start looking at china, crystal, and silver for our wedding resigtry. I was wondering what the fashionable ladies on TPF had and how much you used it???

    Pictures please!!

    I already have some wine glasses in Waterford Carina that we use all the time. They look like the picture below. I'll probably finish out a set of these glasses because they're sturdy and Waterford never discontinues a pattern.

    Other than that I'm looking for ideas! (And I'm flexible on the stemware).


    I love the idea of a set of colorful champagne flutes like these by Baccarat:
  2. I love your crystal and the flutes are beautiful. whatever you select will be good, I'm sure. My everyday china is Villeroy and Boch French Garden. The plates come in 4 different patterns so you can do some mixing and matching. My favorite is Fleurence. You can see the entire collection at Villeroy & Boch Homepage and search for French Garden.
    My fine china is a discontinued Royal Worcester pattern, but I love it. (Albany pattern)
  3. [​IMG]

    This is your everyday, right? Very pretty - I love the French country look.
  4. For my fine china, I just registerted for Waterford's Alana. It's beautiful!!
  5. [​IMG]
    Very pretty!
  6. thanks for posting a picture of it!! I have no idea how to!
    We love blue, so it's perfect for us!
  7. Do they make serving dishes in that pattern, because I think my mom has that in a serving dish.
  8. Yep, that's it. It's very cheerful. Caitlin, they make every serving piece under the sun in this pattern. The only drawback is that it's not indestructible; a couple pieces have small chips when we've been careless.
  9. very pretty!
  10. We have Royal Doulton's Lichfield for our formal china (we have service for 20 and both accent plates):

    for stemware, we have Waterford Lismore:

    We don't have "silverware" as in sterling silver. DH manufactures flatware (Barenthal, among others), so I get it for free, plus I have no desire to polish sterling. :shame:

    Same with casual china, DH manufactures it, so I have tons of dinnerware, but this is what we're currently using:
  11. ^^^Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  12. Love Villeroy and Boch, my mum gave us a full set of the Pasadena pattern as a going away present when we left for Australia, have been meaning to see if I can replace some pieces as it has been our everyday set for 13 years with 2 kids (and many accidents..) Thanks Boxermom, for posting that link, unfortunately, it looks like it has discontinued:sad: We also have Wedgewood in Waverley, just checked that, also gone (getting to damn old..)

    Winternight, if I were you, I would only get one set that you really love and USE it all the time! It annoys me now to see all that lovely Wedgewood china sitting there, only to be used a couple of times a year, at least the Villeroy and Boch we've worn to death (literally):smile:
  13. ^^^
    I agree the only problem is that fine china can't go in the dishwasher! So I think I'll need two sets.

    Fun seeing the table set with china above - love it.

  14. My Royal Doulton is dishwasher safe, although I've only put them in the dishwasher once. But it's not microwave safe b/c of the gold.