Chimi Changas...

  1. So here my fatt ass goes again..raving about yummy foods..LOL

    does any1 else like Chimi Changas???

    We bought a few packs the other night and I had atleast 1 per day...


    Keep in mind...I'm a college student that doesn't live at home..and I don't like to cook as much...

    I love the Jalapeño Cheese ones..yum!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what brand do you buy? they sound yummy!
  3. The only time I've ate Chimichangas is at Mexican restaurants and all I can say is YUM. For my actual dinner I would have one filled with chicken and god knows what else and then for dessert I would have one either filled with chocolate or a banana. All three are delicious.
  4. I'm curious too
  5. What on earth is a Chimi Changa?
  6. ahh! sorry! lol.

    It's...EL MONTEREY!

    Yum yum...!

    I bought it at Walmart.

  7. It's similar to a burrito...:nuts: But not as huge..& I think not as loaded & fattening???? :sweatdrop:
  8. thanks!
  9. I love chimichangas. El Monterey is a good brand. They have lots of good stuff.
  10. I had a chicken Chimmi Changa once when I lived In C.A, It was okay.
  11. You would not care Cal, they are not made of horse..:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. they are a big stuffed burrito that is fried - that's how chi-chi's used to make them