Chimento...any wearers out there?!

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  1. I recently rewarded myself with a chunky Chimento ring (have to wait 5 weeks for my order, bugger!). Originally I fell in love with a Bvlgari 2010 collection piece but couldn’t find that ring anywhere so had to settle for something vaguely similar.
    Here’s the Chimento:
    I don’t know much about the brand other than it’s good, Italian and some celebrities wear it. Does anybody here own and wear Chimento? Please share your experience:smile:
  2. Anyone?
  3. I never heard of the brand until I took a Mediterranean cruise a few years back and they talked about it on board. I wound up buying one of their flexible bangles that unclasps and goes straight. Most comfortable bracelet I own.
  4. Thanks for responding! :smile:
    I have a couple of bracelets and a ring. Chimento craftsmanship is incredible, too bad not many people use this fine jeweller. Hope you’re enjoying your bracelet and had neither problems, nor need to have it fixed.
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