Chilly weather is here: Have you worn your UGGs yet?

  1. It's been chilly for a while where I live. I've been ready to break out the UGGs for weeks!!! Who here has already started wearing their UGGs?

    I plan on breaking in my new ones tomorrow. Anyone else?
  2. I haven't. I'm just not as excited about them lately. :shrugs:
    Maybe later this season? Like thanksgiving time.

    I've been wearing my Frye boots everywhere though. They're very 'stomp stomp stomp' and cute.
  3. I started wearing my tall chestnuts this weekend,because it started to get very chilly in Montreal.But im happy hihihi..they are very comfy,i missed them !
  4. I haven't yet because they are still winter boots for me. But I was out this weekend and saw LOTS of Uggs, so it appears that others don't feel the same way! It was 55 degrees F, so it wasn't terribly cold, but the Uggs were out in force!
  5. I used to live in England and so wanted a pair of Uggs! I am now living in Miami and I don't think I'd have much use for them :/ Enjoy your Uggs while I live in sandals!

  6. Yes! They are part of my daily dogwalking ensemble.
  7. yes i have [: they are from last uggs...sort of faded out =(
  8. Yes, I live in California and I wear them every morning when I drop off my kids at school and it is chilly.
    I love soft and comfy and cozy!!!
  9. Finally, I am no longer an Uggs virgin. I bought two pairs this week and broke out my black ones on Friday. I don't know why it took me so long to buy them. They're so comfy and warm :yes:
  10. Yes! I broke them out a week or two ago. I wear them around the house and outside when I have to go to the laundry room behind the house. I love getting bundled up in my Cozy Chic Barefoot Dreams robe and my Uggs.
  11. I busted mine out over the past weekend. It was in the 50s which was cool enough for me. Now it's in the 70s again so they're back in the closet for now.
  12. yup! out here its gotten verrryyy cold all of a sudden. i wore them this past weekend, but ended up getting overheated while power shopping, lol, so i had to change out of them. i also keep them at the office for when it gets cold and i work late nights!
  13. i have not take mine out yet, it's not cold enough