Chili or Chocolate?

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  1. I've decided to take the plunge into the Carly fan club during PCE--with the large leather bag. Now, my only question is:

    Chili, or Chocolate?

    They are both beautiful...decisions, decisions, decisions...
  2. i would go chocoloate because i love brown bags and the way they look amazing with everything you wear!
  3. CHOCOLATE!!!!! I love ALL chocolate bags.....YUMMY!!!!!!!!!
  4. Chocolate!!! Definitely chocolate! They always look so yummy and rich....and who doesn't love chocolate?? Lol.
  5. I vote chocolate!
  6. chocolate!!:tup:
  7. Im another one for chocolate, its more versitatile and so yummy.
  8. I vote for the Chili, if you're going leather. I love the chocolate signature Carly, but I'm not wild about the leather one. It's just a little bland IMO.
  9. I love the leather chili.
  10. Another vote for chocolate in the leather. If you wanted to go with the signature I would say get the beet - I think the red and the sig fabric look wonderful together!
  11. for leather, i say chocolate. the chili looks weird to me.
  12. I vote chocolate.. it's beautiful and rich.. but I don't care for the chili ONE BIT!
  13. Agree.....chocolate.....:tup:
  14. Another vote for chocolate - but I would get the Chocolate in Signature.
  15. I vote for the chocolate! I've seen the chili and it just doesn't work for me. I love red Coach, but I think this one has too much orange for my taste...