Chili Hudson - only in nordstroms?

  1. Where else can i find the Hudson in this color?
    i want it soooooo bad. If i can find it at a discount, i can perhaps persuade the hubs to get it for me for Christmas lol :wtf:
  2. only other place is at the MJ boutique, at least that i've seen it....

    i know, i'm dying for the same one, but i have an aversion to paying full retail :smile: think i might bite the bullet on this one, though....sooo gorgeous!
  3. *sigh* Tell me about it, i just can't bring myself to pay retail. And DH is trying to make me sell my berry Stella if i wanna get the Hudson :crybaby: So mean!!

    The hudson is not lined in leather/suede right? Btw, where else do they sell the hudson bowler?
  4. Zoinksta, glad to see you here again. It's been so long... =)
    Your Berry Stella is gorgeous, you can't sell it!!!!

    Styles from Striping line: Hudson, Bowler, Zip Bowler (smaller version), Trish, Slouchy Tote. Leather lining is exclusive to Marc Jacobs boutiques, others only carry the the canvas version. For Hudson, non-MJ stores carry the version with the center compartment in leather (as opposed to all 3 leather-lined compartments)

    Nordstrom & NM's buyers didn't get Zip Bowler, I have seen it at Bloomingdale's, I remember seeing Chili Hudson at & my local NM/Nordstrom, I don't go to Bloomies & Saks as often. Not sure about Barney's.

  5. I got my Chili Hudson at MJ in NY.All leather lining..worth the price tag!!
  6. I wouldn't be surprise if Striping line goes on sale at MJ boutiques in the future; there's a chance that they might not be available by then. Based on previous experiences, styles that never go on sale are those from permanent collections (the 6 styles know as Soft Calf Classics Collection, Quilted Classic, etc).
  7. Hi bag.lover *waves*

    I know...i've been away for a while. Man...and i almost won that LV bag giveaway too lol. i was 4th in place!!! DH said i shld take a break from new bags. i was doing good until recently, where i got a navy Rebecca Minkoff mini morning after (30% off! :yahoo:). Been lemming that bag for such a long time, just find it hard to resist it with a discount. :love:

    *sigh* i really want the Chili Hudson, though i really dunno if i can justify the full price. Leather lining would be soooo luxe! Saks doesn't carry the Chili, i checked, and i doubt Bloomies have it either. At least not on their website. It would be awesome if the MJ boutiques have the Hudson on sale, i'd literally take a day off just to go buy that bag! LOL...

    Jill, which MJ boutique in NY did you purchase your Hudson from?
  8. Would 20% off be good enough? Bloomingdale's Friends and Family will be held on 11/15-11/19, you can get Nordstrom to price match a Chili Hudson for you. The center compartment is lined in leather at least. If MJ Boston has another 70% sale (like the one from several months ago), I would get it ZB in Chili & Dark Brown too (already have Black).

    Will PM you.

  9. But nordies won't PM the chili cos Bloomies doesn't carry them. My SIL tried, so bummed :sad: :Push: i wouldn't mind the zip bowler either. How to convince DH i NEED the hudson? lol...
  10. Try calling Joseph at Nordstrom Fashion Valley Mall.
    It's too bad that Bloomies doesn't carry Chili Hudson. I was going to tell you that you can save an extra 15% (sometimes 20%) on top of the 20% F&F promo on your 1st day purchase if you apply for their charge card. Would you consider another color?
  11. Some Nordies with price match the bag, even if it's another color.. just depends on which SA/manager you get. Try another store perhaps.
  12. SA's supposed to match an exact item (same style and color) if it's sold elsewhere for less, some stores even require that the item be in stock. Some customers abuse this policy and SAs sometimes bend the rules for sales. For example, Saks discounted Moss/Lobster Quited Ursula styles, but other colors were still full price. It's unfair to ask Nordstrom to honor the colors that weren't marked down in the first place.

    With Saks & Bloomingdale's Friends and Family event (all MJ bags are given 20% off on top of the current selling price), Nordstrom sometimes would match styles/colors that aren't sold elsewhere b/c the event applies to all bags within any particular brand.

    Some Nordies and Nordstrom online are very strict on price match, they don't honor items with percentages off. Plus, the exact item (style, color, size) has to be in stock. Zappos online has the same policy.
  13. According to MJ store, there have sold out of Hudson in Dark Brown and Black. There are 10 Chili and quite a few Chestnut left.
  14. Yes, it's true that the PM policy is strict about the same exact bag but as you said, some SAs will bend the rules, after confirming with the sales manager first. And IMO you're not abusing the rules if you're not asking them to bend it. Some SAs will offer to PM another colored bag to make the sale...

    BL, I'm confused... are you saying that Nordies will or will not PM her Chili Hudson? Bloomies sale is a F&F event, and the discount is across all MJ bags, correct? So theoretically, Nordies should be able to PM her Chili Hudson, if she can find a store that has it in stock?
  15. Yup, that's what I meant. =)
    Since F&F event applies to all items for a non-excluded brand (such as MJ), you can ask for price match at Nordstrom. Nordies SAs sometimes call the store to confirm that the brand is indeed allowed.

    It's really up to the store or manager's intepretation of the policy, many members tried during Bloomies' last F&F event (thread in Deals & Steals forum). Nordstrom online would only match iff (1) the sale price is listed, they won't honor a percent off offer such as 20% off sale, buy1get1, etc. (2) the exact item (style, size, color) has to be in stock at the competing store (3) etc.... Some actual stores enforce this policy as well.

    This event is totally different from regular sale events where selected items get marked down (ie a discontinued color is on sale, but the basic color is still full price). According to stores, SAs are not supposed to honor an item that's not on sale in the first place (this is why SAs have to call the competitor for confirmation); managers sometimes approve transactions as a courtesy to the customers only.