Chili Hudson Lining

  1. Hi girls,

    I'm curious --- so I own a Chili Hudson that I bought from MJ SF, that has canvas lining (cloth, or whatever that is) on the front and back compartments, leather in the middle. I am looking at this bag on eBay:

    Seems that its lining is all this discrepancy due to the different seasons? I just bought mine in October (so I assume this was from Spring 07).
  2. i purchased my chestnut hudson from the nyc mj boutique (both the chestnut and chili were released in fall 06) and the lining was all leather. i was told that this was a boutique exclusive. department stores received versions where only the middle compartment was lined in leather and the rest in canvas, which is the version you have. however, if you purchased your chili hudson from a mj boutique, it might have been a department store hudson that was sent back to the company as an overstock item. that's my theory anyway.
  3. Thanks tadpolenyc! That makes sense. My hudson was probably an overstock since the SA said it was the only one they have...and the fact that I got it about a year after it was released.

    Thanks for your help!!!:smile:
  4. i purchased my chestnut hudson from a fellow tpf member and she had originally gotten it from Saks. only the middle compartment of my hudson is lined in leather. the other 2 compartments are canvas. when i saw the hudsons at the mj boutique, she sa told me the same thing - that the 3 compartments lined in leather was a boutique exclusive. either way, its beautiful!!
  5. MJ stores were the only ones to carry fully lined striping bags. I'm surprised that they had a canvas lined bag to sell you. I wonder if it was an exchange from another store?
  6. tuffcookie --- i actuallly like the canvas lining in the other 2 compartments so i don't mind. i definitely agree that it's beautiful either way.

    thithi --- it was such an impulse buy. i went with my sister for my bday and just wanted to look. of course that never happens. it probably was an overstock from a dept store or a return/exchange. it was in great condition though. let me post pics for you ladies (if i can figure out how to do that).

    it just stinks that i paid full price but oh well, i love her so it's ok, right? :s
  7. I'm in agreement with ThiThi -- strange that a boutique had a canvas-lined Hudson. Should not have been in their stock at all. :confused1:

    But it's a lovely bag, and even at full price, it's well worth it!
  8. fatefullotus --- yeah i know i'm a little worried now but there should be no question on authenticity since it's an MJ store, right?

    And btw, my files for the photos are too large. Any thoughts on how I can post pics up? My pics are about 1MB each...
  9. There shouldn't be a Q on authenticity, but it is rather strange....

    You may want to try a site that hosts pics, like Photobucket. You'd have to sign up, though.
  10. Thithi recommends this website:
  11. thanks ladies --- here are the photos of my "full-price, bought at an MJ store but has canvas lining however I still love it Hudson" :smile:





  12. Xi, she looks good to me!! :tup:
  13. your hudson is the real deal and it's beautiful. :smile: i believe the official color of yours is dark brown though. chili has a greenish contrast patent leather stripe.
  14. ^ Thanks tadpolenyc, actually you are right! I looked at the tag and it did say "Dark Brown." I just assumed it was Chili since the numerous photos posted here on tpf looked like mine, says the color is Chili.

    Yay, I'm so glad you ladies like my bag too!!!