Children's Weekly Allowances

  1. After reading the article about the Billionaress, it reminded me that I read another article about childrens allowances, and in some very privileged families in London, the children get over £100 a week!!!!! I think that this is ridiculous, I have three children the eldest is 14,then comes 11, and then a younger one of 6 yrs.Living in London, two of them have an Oyster Card, and don't pay for transport, so their allowance is just for themselves. The 14 yr old gets £3.50, and the 11 yr old gets £3.00, the younger one will start to get £1.00 soon.I do get reminded to give them their pocket money, as I do forget, but I tell my kids to remind me too, as their pocket money is in my eyes the beginnings of learning about their money, and saving so that they can buy what they want, and to appreciate waiting to get something that needs to be saved up for. Don't get me wrong, I could give them a little more each, and probably double to what they get. If they do chores or help me with my business, they get to earn some more money too. I just can't relate to £100.00 a week, and I am curious to hear what other families give to their kids????? Am I out of touch to give them this amount, I would welcome to hear what other mums are doing.
  2. Hi Lolas Angel. Its tough isnt it! I am just like you, always wondering how much to give my two girls aged 11 and 7. We also live in Surrey, and I give my 11 year old 10 pounds per week, and our 7 year old 5 pounds. For this, they must complete all homework before they get it on a Saturday, and their weekly magazines come out of this money (the magazines often cost 3.00 which takes up a large chunk).

    We pay for sweeties as treats, and they enjoy thinking about what they are going to spend it on. Like you, I try and get them to do chores too. My elder daughter now has a vending machine at school for drinks and things, so her new job is to unload the dishwasher in the morning and feed the cats their dried food which she does without fail. I would have thought that your oldest boy had maybe cause for some increase, but I am guessing that if he goes swimming, cinema, bowling etc that you give him money for this on top of his pocket money?

    A typical example is the really expensive sweets at the cinema, they ask 3 pounds for a bag of Maltesers, so that would be his allowance gone in one go!. I get my two girls to know the value by going to the supermarket and getting them to pick up the sweets there beforehand, where they cost under a pound for the same thing ;)
  3. When I was 11 I started getting a 20 dollar a week allowance. It was supposed to be for lunch money and maybe anything else I wanted to get. I ended up using most of it on lunches for myself and other people. It wasn't until I was twelve that I let people stop taking advantage of me and my hefty (yea back in the 90s that was hefty) allowance.

    I think if you're going to give an allowance you need to be more strict than my mother. Because even if it were gone, she would still buy me a CD or 2 or take me to the movies. That was never included in my 20 bucks. So when I have kids they'll get 20 or 30 dollars a week that they need to manage, but they won't be getting anymore from me unless they are doing EXTRA (not just what's expected) around the house.
  4. My kids get $35.00 a month. They are 10 and 8. This money is for their lunch if they choose to buy. There is food in the house for them to take their lunch as well so it is up to them how they spend it. So far they have saved the majority of it and they sit and count all of their money every couple of months.
  5. When my stepson lived with us he was 11-13. He would get $40 per month for food money for school (he was in the before school and after school program). If he ran out in week 2 it was tough luck.
    For completing homework and chores he received an additional $5.00 per week....that was solely for him to do what he wanted...mostly he spent it on gameboy and Yugioh cards.
  6. Hi my kids are 5 and 14 and they get $5 and $14 per week each. This is purely spending money and does not include lunch/clothes etc. They both have to keep their own rooms tidy in order to get their allowance every week.
  7. Back when my sis and I were kids, we got about $100 a week. Right now, because we are both students, my dad just sends us money monthly... but I don't think I want to disclose that here.
  8. I recently stopped getting an allowance because I can work now, but mine wasn't more than $15-20 a week. My parents always payed for my school lunches, but everything outside of school that I wanted I had to pay for. If I ran out of money I would have to do additional chores to earn more. They're doing the same with my brother (he's 14, soon to be 15), but once he becomes old enough to work, he won't get an allowance.
  9. What did you spend that much on? Knowing your shoe collection, I doubt it includes clothing.
  10. Movies, CDs, VHS (way back in the day!) food, & trinkets that I saw that looked cute; so a lot of random stuff at the Mall. But no, it didn't include shoes or clothes! :yes: Most of the money went towards movies, CDs, and VHS btw

    A lot of it I saved up, even though my sister was better at saving money!
  11. My 2 youngest kids do not get allowances. They've always been responsible enough that I was never concern about them not doing their homework. They also have chores but I refused to give them money for that. I tell them that is their contribution in our household. They usually get money for birthdays and Christmas and that usually last them all year long. They pay for all their games and whatever fancy's them along the months. If they run out of money and they want something, dh and I will usually get it for them as long as it's reasonable.
  12. i think i started getting allowance when i was in middle school (i really dont remmber having any money before that). and it was like $50/month. and then when i was in highschool, i think i got $100/month. and this included lunch money. so if i wanted to have more spending money, i had to pack lunch.
    i remember spending most of my allowance on going out to movies and stuff.
    my mom was a banker, so she kinda forced me to save some of that allowance money. a little bit painful at the time, but now, i get used to saving a bit of money, so i understand why she did it.
  13. I didn't get an allowance as a kid. I got money on my birthday and christmas from my parents and relatives and that was used for toys and clothes. I certainly wasn't poor but my parents did not believe in rewarding children for things that should be expected of them. I always got good grades but could have been better about chores though. Because of this I am unspoiled and independent to this day. I put myself through college and have a great work ethic. I have never had to ask my parents for money since I was very little(yes I mean never). I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard, but I am proud of everything I have obtained myself.
  14. i do not think i can survive without an allowance.. when i was in hs, i was given 20-25 bucks a week, and I complained a great deal.. college happened and it became 100/week... then after that, i was on my own... if and when i get a child, I think i will be kinder in giving an allowance, but make sure that they do chores as well in the house...
  15. My child is only 3 so he doesn't really get an allowance but I do give him all my change so that is like $5.00 a week. He doesn't really need anything, everything he does need at this age I just buy. He'll probably start learning responsiblity & getting allowance when he's maybe 5 than if he wants something he can buy it himself to learn the value of money. But that will only be between $5.00 & $10.00 a week.