Children with Designer Bags

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  1. I haven't seen all that many, but I do live in NYC. I babysit for a fairly rich Upper East Sider family and the kids wear label clothing, but nothing ridiculous....just like Ralph Lauren kids or other things like that.

    But, going to the American Girl store once for nostalgia, I did see a whole bunch of little girls with designer purses. :wtf: About a week ago, I saw a girl who couldn't be older than about 9 or 10 carrying a huge Gucci monogram tote. I would assume it would be real because of what her mother was carrying. I'm pretty good at spotting fake LVs as well, and I think all but one of these bags looked to be real.

    Do your children have designer bags and shoes? I feel like letting children have these things too young makes you feel entitled to it, personally. As a child I grew up comfortably, but my parents weren't really into designer things, still sometimes I catch myself thinking I'm entitled to things because I grew up that way. I would hate for my 12 year old to think she's ENTITLED to a LV speedy and look down on other children for not buying one.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Speaking from personal experience, I had family friends (when I was a kid) who gave me several pricey things. At the age of 9 or 10, I got a red leather Prada (not a fake) and I'm guessing now it was probably quite expensive. I also got a big Tiffany pendant.

    However, I didn't like either items and I never wore it. To this day, I still think the bag is ugly. I knew Prada was pricey, but the sheer not-me-ness of it all kept me from ever wearing it.

    I don't know if I would necessarily avoid getting my kids expensive designer stuff, but I think it depends on whether they liked it b/c it's cute or b/c they wanted to show it off. If they simply love the bag's design, I don't think I have a problem. If they took really good care of it, then that's even better. At least s/he will know the value of it.
  3. I wouldn't buy my children high-end designer stuff. When they are grown, they can choose what they want to spend their money on, but I am not going to make them snobby by buying something other kid's parent may not be able to afford.
  4. About as far as I go is Ralph Lauren stuff for my kids - but it's ALL bought at the outlets, for great prices. I think there's something to be said for waiting until they recognize the inherent value of an expensive, well-made item, and better yet, waiting until they can set aside their hard-earned allowance, job money, gift money, etc. for a designer something they can buy for themselves. Otherwise, I'm afraid it might lead to a sense of entitlement - or at least, a lack of appreciation.
  5. Well, I don't have children and don't plan on for many years. But, I will say as being an older teen that I feel that this topic is neither black or white and has no answer which is right for every parent or every child. Owning luxury/ designer, or even growing up in a certain degree of affluence (nice neighborhood, private school, travel) are privileges that not everyone will be able to experience. What I always was taught was to feel fortunate for what I have and receive and never forget that at the end of the day what your wearing or driving, where you work or went to school means nothing. And once all of that is gone all people will remember is what kind of person you were. So, in the end the most important thing is whether or not you give a child a designer purse is to teach/show them is what kind of person do they want to be?
  6. My kids dont get fancy labels usually my daughter does have 2 coach purses she is 16 and my only girl out of 4 kids but she takes very good care of her things and she never looks down at anyone else for any reason, plus she is a straight A student so she deserves something special once in a while. but LV, GUCCI etc not until she can buy them herself.
  7. My parents used to spoil me, and I didn't even know it. I had a Gucci, Louis, and Fendi before the age of 12. I have NEVER spent that much on a purse for myself, and I wouldn't spend that much on a purse for my (future) children.
  8. No, DD is still quite young, but someday I told her she can use my LV's if she wants. Not until she's in her late teens, though.
  9. I don't have kids but I don't see why it is wrong. A purse (or lack thereof) can't teach your child manners and respect. If you raise your child to be a good person who has respect for others and understands the way things are in this world, I don't think that any kind of designer purse will make your child a different person. At least, that's what I hope, but maybe I am wrong since I don't have children.
  10. Speaking of tots with designer purses, I thought I'd share this:


  11. In my opinion its not just about whether you can afford it and if your child likes it. It has to do with teaching children the value of money and that people have to work hard for what they want. Its called luxury because its not a necessity. I brought my first nice bag, a coach, the summer before college after I got my first job, and I took care of it because I earned it, I worked for it. It wasn't just given to me.
  12. I guess my question is...what does a 9 year old child need to carry around such that they would REQUIRE a huge handbag?

    I see it all the time working retail in a store targeted at teens but frequented by preteens. Girls of 11 or 12 wielding Coach bags and blackberries, texting about how X asked Y if he liked her and OMG he didn't say anything!

    I think it has a lot to do with pushing kids to become "mini adults" as soon as possible. I guess if a child sees mom wearing one every day and wants one, and you can afford it, why not, but it seems an unnecessary level of responsibility to assign a relatively small child to care for and hold onto such an expensive item. If they don't, and you just keep replacing it, then that's a poor lesson, so I just think it's not a great idea all around.
  13. I think that's there's a certain innocence that's lost when a kid gets caught up in designers and labels. I didn't even know anything about brands until late in high school/early college even though I went to a private school where most other people had designer stuff. If you don't realize they exist, you don't get upset about not having them or the fact that others might have them when you don't. I'm not saying kids shouldn't have nice things, especially when they've done something to deserve it, but it seems a little silly to me to be worrying about the responsibility of an expensive purse at age 10.
  14. I think any Macy's-esque labels (Coach, Guess, etc.) would be fine for teens but not too much younger. Anything more expensive, I'd want them to earn money to purchase themselves. I have been buying some Burberry and Ralph Lauren for my little boy though - the sales lately have been too good to pass up!
  15. Wow, so very well said! :woohoo: I love your posts!!!

    I don't have kids, but i've thought about this a lot. The thing is, designer purses aside, my children will already have 10x more than what I had as a kid (a big house with a yard, their own rooms, holiday vacations, private violin/piano lessons etc). And this may be more than what other kids at their school will at the end of the day, if you think about it, how is giving your child a $$$ designer purse different from say, taking them on a weeklong cruise abroad? Many adults cannot afford a weeklong cruise for themselves... yet if DH & I want to go on a vacation, do we leave our kids behind just because we "dont want to spoil them with something very lavish that most ppl cannot afford"??

    Anyway, i agree, this issue is not black and white. I'm not a fan of spoiling children with too many $$ things, and i'm all for teaching them the value of money, but then again's hard to say . I guess personally if I had a 9 year old I probably wouldn't give her a designer bag just because I would be afraid she'd be too young to care for it properly, and also for safety reasons (I wouldn't want her to become a target for thieves). Furthermore, I wouldn't want to promote the idea that she needs to own expensive designer things to be liked; i'd be afraid that she'd only be wanting the bag in order to fit in with other kids at school. Also, i'd want her to eventually have the satisfaction of purchasing something with her own hard-earned money after wanting something for a long time. However these kinds of things are not really black and white and should be decided by parents, every situation is different.