Children w/ CAsh.. pleas to the mommys


Jesus & bags all i need
Dec 22, 2005
Hi I am sixteen, a bag lover, and I grew up loving expensive things. I never knew groeing up that it was unusual to by $80,000 cars, or wear big diamonds. My mom's not flashy but things were always given to me. My dad made pretty good money.. 300,000 a year and my mom a couple hundred thou. I lived in what i thought to be an okay house and I have had a maid since i was a little girl. Liofe was great my friends were raised the same.
I was a materialistic brat as i got older... I once through my speedy at my dads head when he refused to by me a keepall for my 12th birthday. I was a brat...
Recently... I have opened up my social circle to the needy, children w/ special needs and my friends are now from all over, all w/ different backgrounds. I want to become a pastor or a teacher but thats not thought as a good job from my mom and stepdad. I want to change the world... but according to them i cant w/o money.
Money isnt important to me.. I love bags, but im not obsessive about getting them as much. Ive stopped carrying about expensive clothing and material posessions but it's hard living in an area like i do. Im constalty teased because i dress different... i wear what i want and mostly its ahead of the pack.. but im still hurting from my past
You might be wondering why i am tellign you guys this... Im saying this because i saw a post about children w/ money but i wan tyou all to read this so i posted it on a new thread. I want you guys to love your kids... and give them what you have but please dont let them become in a position like i am in currently... it sucks! Im tired of wanting and not being able to get what i had grown up w/... im sick of my parents neglect toward me b/c i have chose the career path im planning on pursuing. Im the butt of jokes and bragging, all you ladies seem nice but watch out... make your kids realize money and stuff isnt everyhting, that when they leave this world that a U-haul wont be following them. Children are precious creatures, your job as parents are to train them to leave and be self sufficient no matter what the income... dont let them struggle because og their fourtunes but instead make them realize that that's not how normal people live, and that the world is much bigger out there.


Jan 29, 2006
Thanks for sharing, Jenny. I agree with you.

In addition to just loving your kids and not spoiling them with your wealth, I think it's important to teach kids the concept of relativity. Example: For some, $40K is a lot of money to spend on a car, for for some $80K and then we're talking about $500K Ferraris (5 of them, parked in one driveway).

Therefore, it's really important never to talk about wealth (and really, with SO many other interesting things to discuss, why talk money?) even in casual passing because you never know who you're talking to. The fact that you belong to a racquet club means nothing to the person with two tennis courts in his backyard.

And you never really know who you're talking to, do you? It's difficult to judge by appearances and most people will snigger quietly to themselves if you attempt to flaunt that racquet club memebership and end up looking like a fool.

I think a lot of kids who grew up with wealth don't understand this.


Dec 8, 2005
umm...but there are many children from wealthy families who get spoiled and do turn out ok. there's more to it than what you give your kids. my parents spoil me, but i'm not worried about being upset with my lifestyle in the future...