Children Say They Prefer Dad To Drive

Jan 23, 2006
New York New York
I dont know how accurate this survey is. But from my own personal experience growing up I always felt safer with my Dad in the drivers seat as opposed to my Mom. ( of coarse i never told anyone, I just felt more comfortable ) Both my parent and myself are all, we feel ,safe and considerate drivers.

How about you?

I found this article rather interesting.

Women drivers have long faced slurs from men over their prowess behind the wheel. Now it seems even their children are critics.
Research among youngsters has found 47 per cent feel unsafe being driven by their mother, compared with 39 per cent who feel unsafe with their father

Despite parents insisting they drive more cautiously when transporting their children, the survey found large numbers do not feel secure with either parent.
Nearly 5 per cent confessed to being scared if they have to climb into a car with their parents.
The survey of 500 children aged ten to 16 across Britain found 9 per cent had been in an accident with their mother driving and 8 per cent with their father.
However, the flaws in mothers’ driving spotted by young backseat drivers were different to those committed by fathers.
The study found the most common complaint was 24 per cent saying their mother was bad at parking, followed by 21 per cent saying their father drove too fast. Near misses came next, with 12 per cent saying they had been involved in one with their father and 9 per cent with their mother in command of the car.

Fathers are more likely to drink and drive than mothers, with 8 per cent of children commenting on their father getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol compared with 2 per cent saying the same about their mother.
Six per cent complained their mothers drove too fast.
Jennifer Culley, from Privilege Insurance, which carried out the study, said: "With almost one in 20 children actually scared by their parents’ driving, 'grown-ups' need to drive even more carefully and follow the rules of the road.
"Driving safely will help to put children’s minds at ease, as well as demonstrate how they should drive in the future." Robin Cummins, road safety consultant for the British School of Motoring, said that children can subconsciously copy their parents’ bad driving habits when they become adults.

Article Via, The Dailymail


Nov 12, 2006
New York City
I know I've felt more secure with a male driver versus a female in almost every situation. This is probably a product of social conditioning about the roles of the sexes.


Nov 1, 2006
My son always goes "But can't Daaad drive us?" if we are going somewhere.

In our case I admit that SO is a much better driver than I am and I'm happy to let him drive. And yes, I am bad at parking. Step one of my parallel parking always involves looking around warily to see if anyone is watching!


Mommy Extraordinaire
Aug 20, 2006
North Texas
I definently feel alot safer with my dad then my mom but my mom has a history of not making complete stops and running red lights...

i think im a better driver than my DH. I HAAATE getting in the car with him!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
interesting, my mom is a much better driver than my dad. his depth perception is kind of bad, plus he's more aggressive and drives too fast. my mom is an exceptionally safe driver.


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
Nooooooooo!!! I hate my dad's driving! lmao. He drives so sllooooowwwwww and like a grandpa (well, he is one now, lmao!). I even hated it as a kid!
May 21, 2006
My dad always drove us around, and my mom is scared to drive lol. My dad has always been a slow and safe driver. But with my SO.. I'd prefer ME driving.. he is too rough with turns, and always makes sudden stops at the redlight (which I hate). I hate to admit this.. but of all the drivers I sat in a car with, I'd say I'd prefer my ex's driving over anyone else's - even myself. lol


Nov 29, 2006
Where the water is
I prefer my dad to drive. Although it was a more aggressive style - it was something about the confidence that made me feel safe. My mom is a really safe driver too, but sometimes it's annoying! hahaha - especially on the days I was late for school. But I think overall I preferred my daddy to drive me! :P


Mar 17, 2007
I always hated my mothers driving, and still do. It was never due to careless driving etc, but the fact that we never got out of the bottom gears. The car would be revving its a**e off, doing 50 mph in 2nd gear. Awful!!


Jan 11, 2007
I prefer my dad to drive because honestly, my mom's driving scares the crap out of me...she's just not very cautious


Mar 2, 2006
Ha, that's the opposite for me. Both my parents are good drivers but my mom is so much more cautious and drives at a speed I'm comfortable with. My dad has a tendency to get more annoyed by people who do certain things like change lanes in front of him so if he thinks someone is going to try to speed up to get in front of him, he speeds up too so there isn't any room.
It kind of freaks me out lol.


Nov 24, 2006
My mother doesn't probably drive a car anymore (she doesn't have one, my parents have divorced) but when my parents were together I didn't really care that much. If I had any preferences, it was because my dad used to drive nicer cars than my mother (he has an old roadster that is quite unique :smile:).

Both of my parents can drive rather well. I guess my dad's a better driver 'cause he uses the car more (well, cars are his hobby), but if I have sometimes felt unsafe, he is the one who has been driving. My mother was always very careful and she didn't swear as much as my dad, lol. And I don't like it when people lose their temper behind the wheel.

Umm. Maybe I prefer the public transport, the metro and trams.


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Dec 2, 2005
to this day I prefer my father driving over my mother...the woman drives like a maniac!!!!!!!!!!! she is always in a state of "hurry" "hurry" "hurry"...scares the beejezuz out of me and my siblings...:shocked: :shocked: