Children of Men

  1. Last night I saw Children of Men- it was excellent. I'm not usually into science fiction but this movie was amazing. Did anyone else see it?
  2. Yup, I just saw it. Wow. I left the theater feeling drained and depressed. But in a good way! I had no idea I'd be sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time like that. It calls attention to the million different ways society worldwide is going wrong, and it made me want to think harder about how to protect future generations from the "sins of the fathers." It also made me VERY happy to be living in 2007 instead of 2027!!!

    The scariest thing about the movie was how real it was. It wasn't some exaggerated, dreamy sci-fi musing about the future. I didn't have to suspend disbelief at all. A few more *big* missteps and I could totally see the world disintegrating into anarchy by 2027!

    I loved this movie. And I thought Clive Owen was in top form.
  3. I know! That's so funny, I felt drained also- I tried describing it to my fiance, but he didn't see it, so he really didn't understand. Clive Owen was so great- I wasn't really a fan until this movie. But now I am!
  4. I loved it and I love Clive Owen.
  5. Clive Owen is brilliant in this flick.:yes:
  6. I saw the trailer on TV, and I want to see it very badly! I'm not normally a science fiction fan, but this movie caught my eye.