Childish D&B styles? I say fun!

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  1. OK, let me be the first out of the closet to say I'm a 30-something gal and I love, love, love the Bumble Bee line. I have 2 small purses, a wristlet and 2 accessories. I think it's a cute and fun style to wear on the weekends... especially when I go to the movies. :girlsigh:

    Anybody else willing to admit they like the fun and colorful Dooney styles?
  2. I'd like an accessory. Something like this in pink or light blue:


    I love to look in my bag and see a little piece of fun!

    and I WANT one of these:[​IMG]
  3. I, too, love the bee's...I don't own any yet...but I plan on getting an accessory!
  4. i want the clear picnic shopper :shame: lol
  5. You know, you're only as young as you feel (saying that as a thirtysomething myself).

    Now, some of D&B's lines are fun, if a little busy. I like the lunch tote in the bumble bees.
  6. That bumblebee tote is cute! I like the bumble bee print in the coinpurse style.
  7. I have the star print wristlet and the bumble bee coin purse. I want to get that clear tote too, so cute!
  8. i think most of the prints look kind of appropriate for a flap wristlet... i think the flap wristlet in itself is adorable, and if you get one to stick in a regular leather bag, it's a fun pop of color! it's like, oooo, look at my platinum grey leather hobo... so adult, so mature.. and then.... BAM!

    check out my mini bubblezzzzzzzzz or my beeeeezzz, or for the gals who dig it, the ice pops and candy (VERY summer!)

    i think the picnic, mini bubble, and bees are adorable.... maybe not for a bag, but for accessories? definately! i like a fresh lil pop of color! i'd have the mini bubble in every color flap wristlet if i was rich and famous :shame: lol
  9. Hmm, that's a very good point Vicious! Like it's might be too much in a bag, but for some whimsy get the wristlet. I never thought about it that way. :smile: Keeping it classy, yet staying young.
  10. I do too!! I wish they would get them in stock soon.

  11. hehe i think it's a nice suprise in the quality leather bag... something WELL MADE, but fresh and youthful. never hide that fun side, ya know? (or hide it in your classy leather bag, and whip it out to make people go :wtf: LOL :roflmfao:
  12. Oh, I like them, although I don't own any. My favorite was the "It Tapestry" line, which is out of print and pretty much unavailable now that I'm "into" it. The other whimsical stuff, like Ice Pop and Bumblebee is not really something that I could carry on a day to day basis, like to work, but if I ever got one of those bags I'd probably find some way to put it to work. I'm in my thirties also--well, I AM thirty--and I like cutesey stuffs just as much as the next person. Fun prints are also always good in accessories, such as makeup bags, wallets, and the like, and you never get too old for that!
  13. Dooney and bourke are so cute.
  14. I like the bee line, but the Ice Pop and Candy line don't do a thing for me. I think the clear plastic lunch bags are freaking adorable!
  15. I like some of them, like the bumblebees, but not the ice pops or hearts.