Childhood Sweetie

  1. Ok... I must apologize in advance for this long thread.

    Anyone have a high school sweetheart that they've always wondered about? Well... I did .. and still do. After many, many years.. (I just turned 40 to give perspective) I've been in contact with my old love.

    We "went steady" .. :biggrin: ... for almost 6 years, starting from the time I was only 14 until mid - college years. We went to different states for college and time and distance pulled us apart. Then, as time does, we each found different paths and new loves.. etc..etc.. you all know the story well I'm sure.

    Recently we found each other again thru the "wonderful" .. <major scarcasm> world of the internet. We are both single <I've actually never been married.. lol> and have chatted quite a bit.

    Anyway, he wants to see me. OMG ... Ladies please understand .. this guy, his was the ONE!! I've never stopped thinking about him. I know I sound sad and pitiful to most, but, I knew it then..and I know it now.

    However .. as time does .. it ages us. I know this sounds so vain, and I'm really not like that, but .. umm.. if you were me .. wouldn't you want to look just your absolute best???

    So.. there isn't much I can do about the natural aging process .. and I'm quite proud of my age and how I look <nothing special..just your average USA woman> but....... BIG BUT HERE ....

    Is there anything you wise ladies can recommend to look especially awesome??? Not talking anything fakey ... not that I'm against it, but its just not me.

    Is there anything you ladies highly recommend to make yourselves look really special?? A good facial? Microderm..whatever.. lol....

    I know this sounds so very juvenile .. but .. it means a lot to me. I want to look ... like myself .. but .. I want to "make him drool". <so petty I know... but I can't help it>

    What do you all recommend? When you want to look "make 'em wish they hadn't let you go" kinda thing??

    Advise? Suggestions? Good calming drugs?? <just kidding>

    OMG .. I can't believe this .. I feel like a teenager about to turn in her V-card.. so silly .. I know.

  2. If you've never had a facial before dont get it done now just to go see him cause alot of people get a minor skin reaction after their first facial (small pimples, whiteheads and peeling). Just use stuff you've always been using but just throw in a few extra things. Like extra sleep. Try exfoliating every other night before the "big" day. GET YOUR TEETH WHITENED!! takes years off!!!!...DONT forget to go for the WaX!!:graucho: (just in case:P ). GET PEDIS and MANIS!!!. get your hair done that day. and at teh salong get them to do your make up. You can but wrinkle relaxer creams (not saying you have any) but its good for a short remedie.

    If I think of anymore Ill be sure to post it.

    But I gope this helps!!!!
  3. ^^Totally agree! Also, don't forget to pick out a sexy outfit that you'll feel comfortable in! Wear a pair of killer heels! Wear a nice handbag!! :lol: Make sure your outfit and accessories will make you look gorgeous, sophisticated and confident all at the same time! Last but not the least, BE YOURSELF! :yes:
  4. OH and DOnt make it look like your trying to hard. make it seem that you've been this way the whole time....ABSOLUTLEY FABULOUS!
  5. My Mom has a friend that married her HS sweetie 30 years after they graduated! It does happen and they are extremely happy!!

    I had a sweetheart named Jeff and he did not meet a good end. We were together from 8th until 11th grade when he got involved with another girl (this was the late 70s-early 80s)

    This girl ran with a fast crowd and was a known partier- bigtime drug/alcohol abuser. She pretty much stole him away from me via sex and drugs. (I was a good Catholic girl so the sex thing was not a part of our relationship)

    So... we parted ways rather sadly while I got to watch the other girl rub him in my face my senior year. I knew he was lost to me when he we had trig together during the last part of our senior year. He showed up to class reeking of alcohol (the class met after lunch) and threw up on the floor. He was suspended from school for several days. I remember thinking, "What happened to you, Jeff?!??" :sad:

    After graduation, I joined the military and left the (then) small town I grew up in. I came home on leave a couple years later and saw Jeff working in the local drugstore. He was sweeping the candy aisle in the store and not looking real happy. It was extremely strange. I hid from him that day because I was sooo embarrassed for him. I had heard through the grapevine that he and the other girl were still together though, so I don't know what that was all about.

    Anyway, years passed and I heard that he and the girl got married. I did not go to any reunions for my high school so I was not really in touch with that many people. Then last December I got an email from a friend of mine from school that I am in touch with. In passing at the end of his email he said, "Oh, by the way, I was not sure if you heard, but Jeff died..."

    I had not heard and was really sad. Turns out he committed suicide after struggling with mental illness and alcoholism for years. He and the girl from school had married but had divorced about ten years ago. I called Jeff's Mom (his parents still live in the same house) because I had always been fond of his parents when I was young. She was really glad to hear from me... turns out Jeff had tried to find me about two years ago. He went to my parents house but discovered my parents were no longer there. My Mom sold the house after my Dad died in 2002. His mother said he had tried to locate me and knew I was in Seattle somewhere but gave up since I have an unlisted phone number. I have NO IDEA what he wanted. He mother said he had been suffering from depression for years. I feel very sad when I think about him.

    I hope you have a positive experience with your sweetie. If you feel a connection with him, don't let him go....!
  6. roo: thats so sad...Im sorry to hear that.
  7. Roo, your story is so sad! :cry:

    to the OP - be yourself but be fabulous..and don't worry about sounding vain..I know i'd be the same way if I were in your position.
  8. Roo..

    So, so sorry about all that mess. I can relate, I went to an all girl .. Catholic High <me bad.. sex was not the issue> but other things were.

    So.. here's what I'm thinking. Definitely a mani/pedi.. facial.. maybe a little chemical peel/microdermabrasion .. <will do this about 10 days before meeting.> I want my face to look fresh.. well .. as fresh as 40 can look.. lmao!! Bikini wax as well.. < just in case .. me bad >

    Already got a killer.. drop dead .. makes my boobs look great and hides my butt ... nightie all ready.. < just in case .. me bad again>

    Good advice on getting a little whitening done on the teeth.. didn't think about that, will schedule appt. on Monday for sure.

    So.. we are supposed to meet in New Orleans .. being from the south myself, I know its going to be killer hot. I'm going to pack very light. A couple of nice linen/cotten skirts and crops, a few casual but nice tees... a good pair of walkers plus two pair of night time party shoes. I want to look .. sexy but sleek. Don't know if that makes sense or not, but I hope it does.

    Going to pack only two bags. I don't have the collection most of you ladies do, but, I'm taking a good travel <big> one plus an easy to sling over the shoulder one for walk around.

    Jeez... I feel like a girl going on her first date .. I really need to get a life .. or get la** <sorry for being naughty>. This is just all so silly. I'm a grown woman, with grown kids.... now I'm acting like a school girl. So silly ....

    But... so very, very, fun :graucho:
  9. Good plan, girl! One more thing: be sure you have an "out" in case things get weird. People change over the years, so be sure you have an escape plan in place in case you need one!!
  10. ok... wiping tears away :cry: ***hugs for Roo***

    ok, xCali - all i have to say is WOW! i cant believe it!!! your paths have crossed again!!! :amazed: its amazing!!! ummm, advice??? ummm, JUST BE YOURSELF! :biggrin: oh yes, totally wear a hot handbag!!! i hope you have loads of fun catching up with your old sweetheart! ;)
  11. I didn't mean to hijack this thread with my story. Just wanted to share it because I think it is important to maintain ties with people who were once special to you and also to not let them go if you reconnect with them. I learned in my situation that the person I knew had been alone and isolated for too long. I often wonder if having an old friend he could have talked to once in a while may have made a difference in his life.
  12. Oh Roo...

    You didn't hijack at all. I'm sure every woman here has a story about their first love. Your story gave even more confidence that I should meet up with the high school sweetie. I've got nothing to lose, and I could gain a lot .. you never know.

    I know I'm a new member here at the PF, but I've been a lurker for a bit and have always been impressed by the sense of community here.

    Kudos ladies .. its nice to know we all have a place to go .. for whatever the need be.

    P.S. @ Roo .. I'm going to stay in a different hotel than where he is booked. If he ends up being a complete troll I won't have to worry about bumping into him in an elevator.. lol.
  13. Read Anita Shreve's "A Wedding In December"--it's partially on this theme.
  14. I agree with this. Dont get dressed like a job interview or a prom. Just wear what you would normally wear but much more fabulous!

  15. wow. Roo im blown away, hope u are doing alright. That is a really special story.

    Xcali, urs is too!! Good luck!!