Childhood Myths & Stories

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  1. Well I was told that Santa Claus came down the chimney every Xmas Eve. ( Growing up in Northern England we had coal burning fires all the time , so I remember being very concerned that Santa Claus would burn his bum, so I always would insist my dad leave a large tub of vasaline on the Mantel piece. )

    The Frog and The Prince.
    If you kiss a frog he will turn into a handsome Prince and he will marry you and you will live happily ever after.
    I remember hanging out at the local pond for years looking for frogs.

    The Tooth Fairy
    Dam !!! I was on a role when I was smaller and my baby teeth were falling out, I got so greedy I tried to pull out my younger siblings teeth that were not loose then offer them a percentage.

    The Easter Bunny
    ahhh !!! one of My favourites,We would wake up every Easter Morning with a basket at the foot of the bed full of sweets. ( I also resorted to leaving raw carrots in a man made trap so I could catch the bunny and keep it as a pet.

    Eat your Carrots so that you could see in the dark :
    mmm I had a solution for this one to, How about you Mom eat them at night so that you could see me in the dark. cos I can see just fine ( my Mom wore glasses )

    How about you ? What were The Childhood Stories you were told and Believed. ?:nuts:
  2. I believe the whole "your face will stick that way!" line. I was afraid to ever look worried. lol
  3. I must admit I was definitely afraid of the "boogie man."
  4. ....... and the "cooties."
  5. "You keep making that face and it will freeze that way"
    "Carrots are good for your eyes" That's why I have had to wear glasses/contacts since 5th grade
    Santa and the Easter bunny scared the crap out of me..At age 3 they terrified me, and for years I had a weird complex....I would run away from men with beards/facial hair.
    We lived in apartments while I was growing up, so we had no chimney....How does Santa get in? I don't want to see him, just give me my presents! Aparently Santa had his own special key...
    Pradasmeadow, I love your childhood memories! :smile:
  6. O have had all of the above issues happen in my life. My fanorite was the tooth fiary.. one time my mom felt so bad that she forgot to "be the toothfairy" and she only had a 20 so she walked outside and fiddled at the front door and came back w/ a 20 and told me that the toothfairy didnt want to wake me so left it outside...
  7. Not a myth, but a story..

    As a child, my favorite song to sing at the top of my lungs was "Oh, so horney! Me love you long time!"

    I wasn't fun to take out to a resturant. LOL
  8. :lol: :lol:
  9. bloody mary? i'm still too scared to do it!
  10. All the ones you mentioned Pradasmeadow, and also the one about how if I watched too much TV my eyes would turn square. I used to check them to make sure they weren't!
  11. My grandmother used to say that to me when I made a face at her :lol:

    My dad told me that I hatched out of an egg :lol: And that his hair flew off (he's very bald!) from when he was flying planes back in the 1970s. He used to be a pilot and had a Cessna.

    I was a big believer in the tooth fairy. I liked losing teeth, because my parents usually left $5 under my pillow :nuts:

    I was pretty disappointed when I found out there was no Santa Claus. I'd leave Cheerios and grapes out for the reindeer and cookies for Santa. My parents would get the Cheerios and make a huge mess on the front porch, and eat the cookies, of course :biggrin:
  12. You know I never believed in Santa? From day one I questioned his existence!!
  13. HAHA! I was never really into the Santa story either, I remember believing it somewhat (while still being skeptical) and never having any disappointment over his nonexistence.
    I did believe in unicorns, however. hardcore.

    did you guys ever do the whole 'blue baby' dark-bathroom thing? terrifying!

    My little sister used to sing a song that went 'everyone makes fun of me because my husband's Yoda!' It cracked us up.
  14. \\

  15. "When you grow up, a handsome man is going to marry you and you will live happily ever after" "ho ho ho"