Childhood Accidents

  1. Well Winona's heart stopping experience yesterday got me thinking about all the dumb stuff I did as a kid to end up in the emergency room. It also brought to mind all the things my friends did as kids to end up there as well. We all compare scars from time to time and thank God can laugh about it now as Winona's daughter will someday too.

    I'll start:
    My brother and I were out on the lawn playing "circus". My bro was lying on his back with his feet in the air. I would sit on his feet and he would propel me through the air as far as he could. This went on about 5 or 6 times at moderate distances of flight. The seventh time, he really put his Wheaties into it and I flew at least 10 feet. I remember the wind hitting my face and thinking "this is so cool" but then I landed on my left wrist and well, I think you know the rest. Had a cast on for 2 months I fractured it so bad!

    okay now your turn.
  2. OK, I will go next. When I was a little girl my mother had these earrings that looked like miniature mirror balls. They were so pretty to me. One day I was supposed to be taking a nap in my parents' bedroom but instead I decided to climb up onto my mom's dresser and get the earrings out of her jewelry box. I pulled the drawers out and used them as steps. I got up there OK but when I was coming back down I slipped and hit my head on the dresser. I started screaming and blood was pouring out everywhere. I had to go to the emergency room and get stitches. I still have a scar on my forehead as a result. All that pain for a pair of tacky earrings.
  3. Okay, I'll be third if nobody gets to this before me, lol!

    I didn't really have any major childhood accidents. I fell on my rollerblades often, and that's about as extensive as it gets. I don't really remember what year it was - but I believe it was the summer I was going into the 10th grade - I fell out of my grandmother's front door, down two steps and messed up my ankle. I didn't go to the doctor (yeah yeah...) and I couldn't walk unassisted for a few weeks. My biggest worry was not being able to go to band camp!
  4. You guys are amateurs.

    When I was really little, like 2 or 3, I pulled a pot of boiling pudding off the stove top on my face. I still have slight remainders of the scars on my right cheek and my right hand around the knuckles.

    The luckiest day in my life was when I was around 6 years old. My dad always used to bring engineering samples of brake calipers, discs, hydraulic distributors, etc. home from folks he worked with. One day, I disassembled one of the valve controlers, which happened to have a brass metal clip included. Being the smart guy that I was, I figured out that the clip seemed to perfectly fit into the round holes of the power outlet in the wall. The spacing between the legs and the thickness of the clip fit perfectly.

    Needless to say, I stuffed it into the wall, and a fraction of a second later, the whole outlet blew up, shorted, the plastic melted and the clip vaporized under the insane current that shot through it.

    Knowing what I know now, there was no reason (in physical and electrical terms) for me not to get fried on the spot. I guess it was not time for me to leave just yet then.
  5. I have a cousin that is 3 years older than me..When we were younger I used to think she was cool & every child goes through a stage of copying a person they looked up too, well I was in that stage. We were at our grandparents house & she had a friend over. I was following them around, copying her. She must have gotten very annoyed b/c as I was leaving a room to follow them some more she shut the door on my fingers. My skin came off my pinky & then to make things worse she put a lamp that's been on all day up to it. Talk about pain. She was trying to teach me a lesson. I had to be rushed to the emergency room & she didn't even get yelled at, nothing. My skin was literally hanging by a thread, so I had to have stitches to reattach it to my finger. There is a really ugly scar now in it's place.

    I got her back though a few weeks later we were out back of my grandparents..just the 2 of us. Well, lets just say I "accidentally" dropped a glass mason jar & she walked right on it. Got a piece of glass stuck in the bottom of her foot. LOL served her right...but I got in trouble even though I "accidentally" did it. She was the favorite! We get along okay now.
  6. wow vlad! you are hardcore! it definitely seems that boys have the most horrendous experiences yet live to tell about them! I have a guy friend that was running up and down the hallway (wooden floors) with his sisters and sliding on their socks before touching the wall. Well he tripped on his sock that had gotten rather long and slid full force into the radiator face first that was also on BTW. Has a big scar on his forehead to this day.
  7. OMG, such trauma! The only accident I remember suffering as a child wasn't all that traumatic...I used to be absolutely obsessed with horses, I wanted to grow up and be a horse until I was about 7. So one of my favorite games was "steeplechase," where I'd run around pretending I was a horse and jump over bushes and the creek in our backyard. Well, one day I was feeling particularly ambitious and decided to try to jump a large rosebush and didn't quite make it. I landed inside! I had cuts and scrapes absolutely everywhere, blood everywhere, but no broken bones or stitches! My parents still have pics of me from afterward, I look like a kid that tangled with a rosebush alright.
  8. :wtf: You've gotta be kidding, I fried myself almost exatly the same way!!!...I was 3 though, and it was a car key instead of a clip. I wanted to play car, and the holes in the outlet were the right size and shape, so I went for it. My whole arm shot up in black soot and all my fingernails turned black, like they were all hit by a hammer. My mom freaked and took me to the hospital. She bought me a ton of ice cream on the way home, though.
  9. Great topic!

    Some greusome stories here.

    My accidents were only distinctive in the level of stupidity that they entailed. I got a concussion from sled riding...not because I fell off the sled or ran into anything...but because I didn't get out of the way at the bottom of the hill and got plowed by the guy behind me.

    Also, I had to go to the ER when I was about one year old. My mom heard screaming and crying in the kitchen and ran in to see me with my hand pressed against the hot oven. We've all heard the expression "too dumb to come in out of the rain?" Well I guess some of us were too clueless to remove our burning hand from a blazing stove!

    Oh well, at least I didn't stick stuff in the electric outlets:P
  10. When I was about 5 or 6 I was with a babysitter and she said "go get a book...let's read a story!" I was so excited and ran to my room. To get there I had to go around an interior brick wall in our foyer which is tied in with the fireplace. Well, I was in my socks, turned the corner and went WHAMMO into the corner of the brick wall and hit it so hard I fell back on my ass.

    Needless to say, I cracked my head open real good. There was blood everywhere. My Mom came home to hear me screaming and seeing a trail of blood going down the hall to the bathroom. I've got a really cool scar on my upper forehead from all that, and luckily it's not super noticeable.

    Fast forward to college (not childhood, but you'll love this one). I had too many glasses of grape koolaid and Everclear at a frat party. I had wandered away from the party with this one guy and we decided to sit down on the lawn and make out. Well, as it turns out we were sitting on the edge of a 5' window well. I fell backwards into the window well and cracked the back of my head open. But I was so drunk I didn't even feel anything...I just remember falling backwards and thinking "oops, I fell."

    A few minutes later I found myself in the frat house (I had blacked out) with my sorority sisters who had towels on me and were trying to take me to the ER. Good thing the ER is right across the street from the campus. Bad thing that it was toga night and I had to go to the ER in a toga with my head cracked open, completely sloshed. 7 stitches in my head.
  12. Well, there's aren't my accidents but my hubby's. His parents had child services called on him since he was always into one thing or another. This was during one very bad year.

    1. Ate an entire bottle of baby aspirin, got stomach pumped, survived ordeal.
    2. Ate mistletoe, got stomach pumped, survived ordeal
    3. Got hit by a truck while riding his Big Wheel Tricycle. Collapsed lung, survived ordeal.
    4. Got thrown by older brother, cracked collarbone, survived ordeal.
    5. Fought with brother in car, dad stepped on brakes, head went into windshield, cut face, survived ordeal.

    I won't talk about the times he decided to make miniature bombs/fireworks with his dad's army store of gunpowder or the time he started a fire under the local convenience store. He looked like such an innocent sweet kid too. I am convinced that there are angels that look out for our loved ones.
  13. :wtf::nuts: Whoa, dang girl... you are so accident prone! :upsidedown:
  14. This is beyond wild... :wtf: I'm so glad that you're still around because otherwise tPF will not exist. :P
  15. ...and then there was the time I thought I was surfer jane (about 12 years old) and was practicing 360's on my new yellow skateboard (GT Flex!). One of my wheels got caught on a piece of tree bark and I ate it. But of course, my right wrist broke my fall and itself as well. Broken wrist #2.
    When I was in high school we were playing touch football in PE. I had the ball and was running for the goal line when this amazonian girl ran in front of me. I had 2 choices, let her nail me into the ground or turn a sharp left - I turned and sprained my ankle real bad. I remember hearing my moms voice on the phone as the PE teacher called her to take me to the emergency room once again...."what did she do now?"

    ooops. a week later, I got hit square in the arm by a line drive by the Varsity baseball team. Missed my head by inches.