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  1. What are your experiences with them. I just had surgery and cannot lift anything for 2 weeks.. so I'm looking for either a nanny or family daycare.. I'm leaning towards daycare more so my daughter can get interaction with other kids and prepare her for preschool.. she just turned 19 months..I just don't know which one to choose.. I'm scared to let her go to daycare though because she has a habit of biting when other kids try to take her toys.. so very confused right now but need to find something asap. please share your stories if you have one.
  2. i don't have kids, but i baby sit for 4 siblings...i think 19 months may be a tiny bit too young for daycare, she might be overwhelmed, but it also might be great for her, and get her through the bity're her mom, you obviously know what's best, if you can afford it, why not a mother's helper type deal?
  3. For both of mine a had family watch them until pre school age. As for daycare/nanny, just make sure u do your reseach on them.
  4. I think daycare is a great way of getting her through the biting thing-- peer pressure can be a wonderful thing sometimes!! Is your husband going to take care of things in the evenings? If not-- I'd go with the nanny--
  5. My DD will be going to daycare in June. I went with a center vs. home because I really want the structure and regulation that they offer. I met the teachers and feel comfortable with them.

    Plus, I got referrals and was on a waiting list (which I'm told is a good sign that it's reputable). I'm nervous, but she needs the interaction.

    Hope you're doing OK with the healing...
  6. I am a contracted teacher that teaches at different daycare centers. I have about 10 daycares I teach at now.

    My favorite school starts at 18 months (there is a 2 year wait so you have to sign up while you are pregnant, crazy huh?)

    Anyways, your daughter will be the right age to start, especially if it is only 2 weeks. My suggestion depends on your daughter's personality. Does she have a hard time when you leave? Because it takes some kids about 1-2 weeks to just stop crying when their parents leave. Though it is a valuable transition to learn, it might stress the two of you out too much right now, especially if you are already recovering right now.

    I also REALLY recommend, Church daycares. I teach at some of those too, and I really feel like their interactions with the children are much closer and intimate. I was just talking about that with my husband about that yesterday.

    There are so many laws and regulations I think that scare many teachers from being too close but I think the church networks have a lot of their own church members so they don't worry as much.

    My best friend asked me to nanny her two when her mother died (and they were left without a babysitter). Maybe you have a friend that can help you out for the 2 weeks?

    Good luck!
    I hope you feel better soon!
  7. I have had a nanny since my son has been 3 months old. WHile it was great in the beginning, I now think he needs more interaction with kids. So I am currently researching day care since I only need 2 days per week. But with Nannies, as with any childcare, you have to do your research and check references. Its really hard to find the right person to trust! But it is definitely possible.
  8. Okay,,,here is my 2 cents, I was a nanny all through college....I LOVED IT. I had a 2 year old girl and then a new born was fabulous.. We took all sorts of classes together and in meeting other kids/moms/ nannys I organized a play date weekly that everyone loved...then other moms would have one on another day. We had the best time...I really cant wait to have kids....(Im 37....better hurry!)

    PS we had a nanny all growing up...GREAT experience...when you find the right one...its priceless
  9. It is really a scary thought entrusting someone else with the well-being of your child!

    We had a bad experience with a daycare and our son coming home with bruises and scratches that were obviously being inflicted by someone else. He was only 18 months old at the time and could not tell us who was hurting him. We spoke with the provider on a number of occasions and she claimed not to know anything. Even if it was not actually her hurting our son, the fact was that it was happening while under her roof and she should have recognized something was going on. We finally pulled him out of her care and filed a complaint with the state. It turns out she was violating many rules and regulations and was eventually shut down, thank goodness!!!

    We did strike gold with the next provider. She runs a private in-home daycare and is licensed through our state. There are other kids there so my son is getting the socialization he needs in a stable, structured, and nurturing environment. I don't know what we would do without her!

    I don't know if your state has licensing requirements, but if they do, you can always check to see if a particular daycare or provider has had complaints or has ever been investigated. Also, reputation is a big factor. I agree with iliabags--the church daycares in our area have great reputations; however, many of them have waiting lists to get in.

    I really do feel for you and your situation! I will be having some major surgery in two weeks and will not be able to lift for six weeks afterward. I have spoken with some friends who will help me out when my son isn't in daycare. I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you! Best of luck!
  10. been there! I had to have a hysterectomy...I had a sitter who watched both my kids since they were born..She moved in and took over all aspects of my life..Its important to trust them..I am extremely this girl is like a family member to us..I entrusted her with my BMW and even my credit cards!She has been with us for over 10 years on and now in grad school and still comes to visit us!! Do you have a trusted sitter who could fill in more??
    I dont like daycare that young...personally...but its a personal choice-Good luck!!!
  11. Thanks for everyones 2 cents.. I never had a babysitter throughout my daughters 19 monthes. My mom helped me in the beginning, now she lives in Hawaii. After just reading your story TWINKIE, it kinda confirmed my fear of Kylie coming home with bruises and such, because a daycare provider can't be watching over your child 24/7 so it leaves a lot of kids to play (rough or not).. That is the only thing I'm scared of is older kids picking on her. I just have problems letting go since we've never been apart. Where do I look for nannies? I tried calling a few I found on Craigslist this morning... a few I couldn't even speak to because they didn't speak much english. Should I be looking through those sites that charge to find you a nanny? Since I can't really interview any daycares for the timebeing, I don't totally trust DH to choose one. :lol: :lol: So I'm thinking of just getting a nanny for these two weeks and when I can get out to look at daycares. I want to enroll her in one to prepare her for preschool. I don't want her to be shocked her first day because she never had experiences playing with a bunch of children together.
  12. Please go through a Nanny agency...they do interview and it is worth money. If you need help I would be more than happy to direct you in the right direction.
  13. Oh thank you SUNSHINE! can you tell me the name of a nanny agency thats good.. thanks lots;)
  14. Where are you located??? I know of a few agencies in Ct.....but if you want somewhere close to where you live (which is a great idea as then you do not have to pay for air fair when interviewing nannys...) Let me know
  15. I live in California