Child suddenly going cross-eyed....

  1. My DD turned 6 in April. A few days ago, we noticed that her left eye was sometimes wandering inwards. It wasn't happening all the time, but it got to the point yesterday where she would close that eye because the eye-crossing was distorting her vision. I took her to my pediatrician immediately, who was completely stumped and he sent me to an ophthalmologist today. The eye doctor was completely baffled as well. Her only thought was to put her in glasses (even though her vision is good) because she thought it might help her focus and eventually the eye-crossing would stop. This sucks - glasses suck. I had them as a young kid and it was awful. I hate to put her through wearing glasses just because the doctor doesn't know what else to do. The other thing I'm worried about is what if her left eye-crossing is permanent? She already has some minor developmental delays that have made her socially awkward, and now she's going to be teased for wearing glasses of being cross-eyed??? This isn't one of those common cases of "lazy eye" so I guess I was just wondering if anyone on the Forum had an experience with this?
  2. Maybe see if you can get a referral from your pediatrician for a doctor that deals with neurological problems? That would be my biggest worry (that it's not a vision problem as much as something with the brain/neuro system). You might want to rule out the possibility that it's something more serious or in-depth before testing out glasses, especially if they're not even sure if it will help or what's wrong.
  3. ^yes, I think that the glasses would just (possibly) address an immediate need to alleviate the problem. As you can imagine, blurred vision can cause headaches, so I think that's where the suggestion for the glasses came from.
    We are seriously concerned about neurological issues as well. Especially considering that she was tested for autism at age 3. She was not diagnosed with autism because she didn't meet the criteria, but she was diagnosed with some fairly mild developmental delays. It makes us wonder if there could be a connection?
    The eye doctor mentioned that she was ruling out something applying pressure to the eye (like a tumor) causing it to turn inwards, so that was a relief. I'm just really upset about all of this. I am so concerned for her health:sad: To make matters worse, my DH left to go out of town yesterday morning and won't be back until next Tuesday.
  4. My oldest daughter is going to be 6 in September and has amblyopia so she wears a patch on one eye for 4 hours a day AND glasses. My younges started crossing her right eye inward suddenly in May so we took her to a pediatric opthamologist. He ran a bunch of tests and they dilated her pupils...he also took pictures of the inside of the eye. He diagnosed her with accomodative esotropia. She also is wearing glasses in hopes that the glasses will help her focus and the eyes will stop crossing. The pediatric opthamologist that we saw specializes in these types of problems though. Is your daughter falling down a lot more? or throwing up? It is so hard and I completely understand what you are going through!
  5. Thanks for the response posh!
    At what age was your 6 year-old diagnosed with amblyopia?
    Yes, the opthamologist ran all those tests today too - dilation, pictures, etc. No diagnosis was mentioned after all of that. The doctor truly looked baffled and concerned. I wonder if the accomodative estropia is what the doctor was thinking today when she prescribed glasses?
    I really hate the thought of my daughter wearing glasses. I mean, of course it's good if they help her, but I just hate it. It was terrible for me growing up with glasses. Kids can be so mean.
    Now that you mention it, I did notice that she fell down a few times last week (more so than usual).
  6. my oldest daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia when she was about a month away from her 5th birthday. She had to have an eye exam for Kindergarten and that is where the doctor diagnosed her. Patching has really worked and her eye is twice as strong as it was before patching. Her eyes are completely straight now as well.

    My youngest seemed fine until she started crossing her right eye in May. The sooner that things like this are diagnosed and treatment starts the better. I believe we were told that by the age of 8 everything is pretty much hard wired in the brain with vision. Is is possible for you to see another pediatric opthamologist to get another opinion?? It really sounds like your daughter has what my youngest has. We have noticed a big change in her eyes when she wears her glasses. They stop crossing...unfortunately when she takes them off I still notice some crossing inward of the right eye.

    I was NOT thrilled with my kids having to wear glasses either because kids can definitely be so mean. BUT we have had no problems whatsoever! My oldest just loves her glasses since she picked them out and her friends think they are cool! My youngest of course is too young to really care.

    Seriously though, your DD is still young and the faster she gets treated the better she will respond to the treatment. If you are unhappy with this doctor find another one that you will have more confidence in.
  7. I wore glasses beginning at age 4 and never (virtually never) had anyone tease me. I hope your little girl's friends are cool about it.
  8. ^Unfortunately, we've already experienced quite a few "mean girls" during her short life. At age 4/5, my daughter was considered to be too "weird" for friendship by the other 3 girls in her preschool class. My daughter adjusted well, however, simply by making friends with all of the boys. Teasing, bullying, and ostracizing start out pretty young. I fear that adding glasses to the mix is going to make my already socially awkward child even more so...
    I'll do whatever it takes to help her though and if glasses are the answer, then that's all that matters.
    Posh - I do see the similarities between your youngest and what my daughter is currently experiencing. How is her vision - minus the crossing in the one eye? My daughter has good vision and passed both eye exams. Her glasses prescription is extremely light, but the doctor was hopeful that the glasses might offer some relief with the crossing.
  9. My brother in law had that but at a very early age of 3. He has surgery around 4 and he's normal. His eyes are perfectly beautiful. Not saying your daughter needs surgery just letting you know my BIL had it as well. Keep us posted. WIll be praying for her.
  10. oh vhdos, i have no real advice but my heart goes out to your little girl.
    i do hope you find the proper diagnosis and within a couple of years her vision corrects itself.
  11. im sorry vhdos. i have no experience with that, but it's kinda funny/odd that you posted this today. i was crying to my dh last night about our youngest son who is 5. he talks differently. it's not quite a lisp it's more like he has a very hard time saying certain letters and he can be hard to understand. he lost a tooth prematurely and getting a transplant just wasn't in the budget. so im now afraid that his speaking has been affected and it could cause a life long issue. so we are looking into speech therapy. i'm just afraid of how mean kids can seems like kids are getting meaner and meaner. so i can totally understand how you are feeling. i hope that you can get her diagnosed and that it's nothing major at all. GL and keep us posted!
  12. My son's right eye has started doing this. My pedi believes patching will fix the problem, but has referred me to an opthamologist.. I had one when I was younger and went away with just a patch. His vision is perfect, had it checked a month ago so I don't think glasses will be an option for my son.

    Please keep us updated on your daughters situation.
  13. i had a lazy eye and started wearing glasses around the age of 4 and had an eyepatch for several hours a day for several years. my eye does turn in about a quarter of an inch when i'm tired but no one has EVER said anything about it to me. glasses WERE very hard growing up and i'm still quite a rebel to wearing them but my eyes no longer line up and i'm forced to wear them at work *wow do i sound like freaky eye girl but i'm not!*

    dont' worry too much about her eye, i'm guessing it's just a lazy eye that they don't see all the time. glasses DO suck but make it fun for her and let her pick out whatever her little heart desires and just tell her how pretty she looks in them and to not let the other kids bother her with their teasing (cause yeah, little kids ARE mean and like you said, will tease her). you just gotta roll with it cause what else can you do!
  14. Sometimes i can't believe how horrible young children can be with regards to bullying and ostracizing. I hope all goes well with your little one and wearing glasses.

    With regard to the cross-eyed thing, my mother in law has had a lazy eye since she was a child, but her condition was more due to one of the muscles relaxing and she ended up having to undergo surgery to fix the muscle, it mainly consisted of tightening the muscle up to stop her lazy eye rolling in. Doctors have never been able to tell her what caused the muscle relaxation in the first place, but she has had to have her muscle tightened a couple of times now.
  15. Update: I haven't followed up on getting her glasses. My DH is out of town and he (and I) would rather get a second opinion before making a decision about glasses. I noticed that yesterday and today, my DD's "crossing" eye would be fine in the morning, but would start crossing as the days progressed. I'm feeling a bit better today because she went most of the day before I noticed her cross her eye. In fact, I only saw it happen a couple of times and it was shortly before bed time. This is encouraging! I'm still hopeful that her eye condition is somehow temporary and brought on by some type of repetitive behaviors. She had a space camp last week and they did a lot of looking through telescopes, so maybe that caused a weak eye muscle to wander? Anyway, we will deal with it no matter what. I just want what's best for her:smile: