Child Stars - Look at them now!

  1. cool !! OMG Carlton......
    sometimes I check to see how they are now
  2. Only problem is the chick they have as Step By Step's Stacy Keanan is actually Stacy Kiebler from Dancing With The Stars.:roflmfao: Oops!!!! The rest are cool!
  3. ^^ haha I noticed that too!! I was like this looks like the dancing with the stars chick

    and Carlton... :p
  4. Some of them looks really good!
  5. Zach Morris was my first crush, I loved him so much!!!
  6. holy crap, rudy huxtable is hot now!!
  7. Aaah.. Doogie Howser :heart:
  8. Whoa, Carlton! I always remember trying to do "The Carlton" dance whenever he did it, anybody remember that? lol
  9. :yes: :roflmfao:
    Here is Staci Keanan now...

  10. "Carlton" looked like he had lost a good amount of weight when they showed him on Dancing with the Stars not too long ago. :yes:
    Thanks for the link!
  11. Blossom is like a whole bouquet now.
  12. Oh Doogie....sigh. He's so pretty. Can't picture him with a dude.
  13. Wow...Rudy Huxtable has really grown up! But I think that comment about her sitting on Bill Cosby's lap is icky.
  14. I've always thought that Melissa Gilbert was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She is married to Bruce Boxleitner (sp?). They make an awesome couple...