Child Abuse

  1. OH man, does anyone want to tackle this thread??? WEll, unfortunatly for me, I always have to say my piece.

    I am a mom of 2.

    Now, child abuse, that is...REAL CHILD ABUSE, is a crime punishable by law.

    A mother slaping a child? I don't know, does that really count for abuse??

    And here's the other thing.....I HATE public bathrooms....HATE them, I am OCD about them....I have yelled at my daughter before when in them "DON'T DARE TOUCH THAT TOILET" "KEEP YOUR HANDS OF THE TOILET" "I'LL FLUSH THE TOILET" (with my shoe).

    Sometimes you just have a kneejerk reaction to something, kwim?
    She could have used nicer language but that's probably what happend in this case.

    See, part of me would want to say something to the mother.....then the darker part of me (I do have one) BEING the mother would want to say to the lady.....turn around and mind your own business!!!!

    I don't know....I have a headache right now so maybe I'm not thinking clearly. sorry....
  2. ^^ And you know, I don't know that I would be TORMENTED by a lady slaping her daughter. I would probably feel bad and wonder if that was a one time thing or all the time thing. But I don't know that I would be so TORMENTED that I would need to go to the news and stuff or go find a police officer cause someone slapped their child. Now if she was throwing the child around the bathroom then I would have said something myself...but a slap.... I just don't know.
  3. Okay, now I'm laughing cause this is like a conversation with myself. I KNEW no one would touch this thread!!!!
  4. im not commenting on what i think on child abuse but what i absolutely hate is when someone says "if a child was abused then he/she in turn will abuse their children, becuase thats all they know and they dont know otherwise, hence its its a vicious cycle of being a victim to their own surroundings, or religion etc." i hate that. it makes me absolutely livid. dont you think that a child would think after they can escape from this harsh reality they would learn to be the opposite example of their parents? that they would know better? they have the power to change, and i hate when people just generalize that away. that they have the chance to put to bed what happened to them, promising to themselves that they wouldnt make others suffer the way they did? grrrrr i cant tell you how many pencils and pens i have snapped during those discussions. but thats all im saying.
  5. I think you can't spank your child or discipline them in public anymore for fear someone will report you to child protective services. I'm not saying HITTING a child (not a swat on the butt, but a full force slap, etc...) or cursing at a child in public is tolerable. But I know I once had the problem with my child that she knew she could act worse in public than in private because I am VERY LIMITED in how I can discipline her in a store vs. at home. At home I can send her to her room and let her scream. In a store, if she is screaming mad my only option is to leave, because I won't subject other people to her lousy behavior. After a while I learned that bribes (ie... you can get Skittles at the check out if you are good) work pretty well! ;)

    Anyway, some people do go overboard in public. No doubt about it. But some well meaning bystanders (usually ones without kids) sometimes try to make more out of something than it is. I remember standing in a very long line at (ugh) Walmart when my child was only about 2. She was raising Hell because she had lost all patience, but we needed to buy our stuff and get out of there. She was strapped into the shopping cart seatbelt and trying to get out. I know her fussing was disturbing other people in line, but what can you do? One of the Walmart front-end managers had the nerve to say "Ma'am? You need to watch your child she is trying to climb out!!" and I said "She's strapped in, she isn't going anywhere. If you want her to calm down maybe you should open some more registers!!" ;) The ladies in line behind me all agreed.
  6. I think it's absolutely horrible!!! There's so many other ways to get a child to listen/pay attention/stop doing something you don't want them doing/etc..hitting is definitely not the answer for anything. At the end of the day the child will be afraid of you.

    I say this one episode of Dr.Phil where a lady used to hit her kid so bad that he would start to violently shake and start to convulse into a seizure-like state.Dr.Phil was so shocked when he was watching the video footage that he said, "that he couldn't sit there today without calling child care services" and he did at the end of the show.But the lady was crazy...she was hitting her kid while he was shaking...and yelling for her to stop.It was awful to watch it...horrible episode that was!!! People who bet their kids should not have kids...because if you can't take careof the physical and EMOTIONAL needs of a kid...then you should not have one, period.:rant:
  7. I agree with everything you just said!! It kills me when my child is acting up (rarely now, but at one time she did have a "terrible" stage!) and another parent will look down their nose at me!! I want to say to them "Oh, I'm sure your child is little susie sunshine all the friggin time!! Yeah, right!!" :censor:

    As far as language, my child has heard it all in traffic. I try not to cuss much, but sometimes stuff comes out. In a way I think it is helpful because she knows EXACTLY what bad words are and what NOT to say. She will also ask if something is a bad word. She said "Mom? Is 'finger' a bad word??" (because I had just finished telling DH someone gave him the finger in traffic). I told her finger wasn't a bad word but giving the finger was bad. ;)

  8. You and I must be living the parallel lives of each other!!!!:yes:
  9. If you have any great techniques please share them with the rest of the class! We can always use new ideas!! :idea: I personally avoid spanking as much as possible, especially in public. At home spanking is reserved for the MOST serious of infractions, doing something totally out of line. In public spanking (ONE swat) would only be used if it were a safety issue, like being told NOT to do something and doing it anyway that could endanger her.
  10. Except you have two kids. I only have one. I would have had another but after the PPD DH said "NO WAY" to another pregnancy. I have total respect for anyone who can raise more than one kid at a time!! I am in awe! :yes:
  11. I'm speaking with some bias here, but remember that my dh is a psychiatrist and I do a lot of fielding of calls. We've seen sooooo much abuse and he's had to report on unspeakable things: sexual abuse, dad taking pics of daughter naked, kids sitting in filth for days, Kids with so much filth on them that they have severe skin infections, Violent, Drunk parents....sexual abuse of siblings. It's horrible and you start to realize that the smaller instances of a parent errupting in anger at the grocery store and spanking might just be nothing at all.

    The damage one can do by calling CPS before even speaking with a parent or the child for something that may be totaly unfounded, may ruin the family more than it could actually help.

  12. Me too, cause I can JUST ABOUT raise them!!!! They are only 10 1/2 months apart too. Not planned. So imagine, when my son was 6 weeks old (the day of the 6-week checkup) BOOM--pregnant again! I thought I would die............. When daughter was born, my son was 10 1/2 months old. It was 2 years of pure torture!!!!!!! I have total respect for people with twins, triplets, and God help the ones with quads and more!!!!!
  13. Usually that's the product of messing with nature(playing God), and well, sometimes some things are best not messed with.

    I was on line at a western union machine a couple of years ago. These people in front of me were using the machine. The toddler was a little jumpy (like toddlers are) and he was a little too close to the keyboard. The "mother" grabbed the child's away and told him "If you touch that keyboard, I will break your arm!" My parents NEVER spoke to us like that, no matter what we did (and believe me, we did plenty). Those words still ring through my head and I am very sorry that I didn't call CFS.

    I know someone who's own children were taken b/c her boyfriend hit them. She actually bailed the piece of :censor: out, but finally threw him out a few weeks later b/c he was cheating on her. How about that, beat my kids, but don't cheat on me! Some women are just so desperate to have a dick in the bed thay'll put up with anything - how pathetic!
  14. That article blew things WAY out of proportion. Did they not have anything to write about? I hear about things much worse than a mother upset about her child getting dirty. ridiculous.