Chihuahuas with no front legs! =(

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  1. DISABLED DOGS GET A LEG UP By HEIDI SINGER May 16, 2007 -- Three high-spirited pups born without front legs are looking for a new leash on life after winding up in a Long Island shelter, where they're learning how to walk like people - standing up straight on their hind paws. Carmen, Pablo and Venus, tiny 4-month-old Chihuahua siblings, have just stumps for front legs. But the big-eared, marble-eyed pups are otherwise healthy and full of life. "They're happy, all right," said the dogs' foster mom, Donna Imhoff, a worker at the North Shore Animal League. "They don't know any different because they have each other and that's all they see." The playful pups were born in rural Virginia in a litter of five, with two other, normal functioning dogs, said Joanne Yohannan, vice president for league's shelter operations. The backyard breeder dropped them off at a small local ASPCA, which transferred them to the Port Washington, L.I., shelter. Venus, the tiniest pup, whose head is the color and shape of an egg, "almost flies because she's so light," said Imhoff, while "Carmen bounces around and [hops] like a little kangaroo." By the time they're ready to go to a permanent home, the pups should be strong enough to walk. But shelter officials are also talking to several companies that are coming up with custom-designed doggie wheelchairs for them - something that doesn't appear to exist for the front legs. Officials are hoping to find someone who will make a surfer-style body glove that would grow with the pups, with a wheel in the center or one on each side. The pups' condition is likely the result of inbreeding - a problem with backyard breeders and puppy mills, which can turn out animals with missing limbs, heart defects or weak, wobbly hips, Yohannan said. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. How sad.... I have Chihuahua's and I can't imagine my poor babies like that.
  3. OMG I was just about to start a thread on this! I just saw it on the news.

    All I can say is that at least the breeder dropped the pups off at an animal shelter where they will get a loving home.

    Irresponible breeders who don't think about the health of the animal really irritate me, though.
  4. Legs or no legs who cares! Those puppies are adorable!!!
  5. They ARE adorable! If Faith can walk on her hind legs, these little guys / gals will get the hang of it, too!
  6. sad :crybaby:... but those puppies are cute! I hope they can get a loving home and live happily
  7. oh, poor puppies, they look adorable though.
  8. Omg! It is so sad to hear about an irresponsible breeder but aren't they adorable? I am on a small dog ban though to bad I want them all!
  9. I saw this on the news the other day. It took everything to hold me back from driving out to LI to get these little guys.
  10. When they learn to walk on their hind legs, I'd love to see a video of it!
  11. I'm sure they will find loving homes, they are so adorable and look so innocent.

    The breeder should be shot at dawn.
  12. ^ita!
  13. I saw this on the news and wasn't shocked at how well the little ones moved about.They were walking and hopping on those two little hind legs like all get out.

    I just know someone with a loving heart will give each pup a loving home,wish it could be me.
    They may be handicapped but they are still beautiful and will bring years of joy to someone.
  14. I agree!

    and yes, dogs can walk on their hind legs. Check out this dog: