Chihuahua OR Giraffe?

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  1. My husband is going to kill me for posting this, since it was taken on a weekend, he wasn't shaved, blah blah blah...But how cute is my little giraffe!! :love: :love: :love:
  2. :lol: Too cute!
  3. Aaawww! Too Adorable!!! Lol!
  4. Aww.. too cute !
  5. But how cute is my little giraffe!! :love: :love: :love:[/quote]

    awww very, very!
  6. How cute!
  7. cute! he sorta looks like my doggy!
  8. awwww adorable! Both of them!!
  9. lol. Too cute!
  10. heehee thanks everyone! I don't mind looking for compliments when its my dog! LOL I'm just so in love with her.

    Lizarotica- You should post a pic of your dog also!! post it in here if you want, I don't care. :smile:
  11. Your baby (the dog) is adorable :smile:
  12. VERY CUTE!

    I love it when men aren't afraid to show affection to little dogs!!!
  13. She is so cute, she makes me smile!So cute!
  14. Snowwhite, my husband is pretty cute with Maya, they snuggle every night before bed, he has little nicknames for her, and even uses a voice. ;) He loves her so.

    Everevereve- I'm glad she's making you smile hehe that's cute!

  15. So cute!! I love Chis. My hubby has a voice for our little guys too.
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