Chihuahua In DA-HOUSE!!!

  1. I know how much you gals love pet pictures so I thought I'd share my little lady.She is a 12 weeks old
    Blue Merle Chihuahua and though I have only had her for 24hrs I love her to pieces :smile: .
    The breeder had been calling her Kelsey.I don't know if I'll change it yet but if you have any suggestions for a different name I'd love to hear them.

    Napping ;)

    I'm awake mommy!

    A close up!
  2. She looks like a Chelsea to me. Not too far off from Kelsey so she shouldn't be too confused.
  3. how cute, a merle chi! don't see those much.
  4. She is just about the most precious thing ever...(well next to my lilly and Violet! lol) Really she is LOVELY> Enjoy her!! I like the name Kelsey..Kels for short. How fun for you. LOVE HER!
  5. Soooo cute!

    There is a breeder in the Phoenix area who breeds for pretty!

    Congrats!!!! :smile:
  6. awwww!! I love the coloring! she is a gorgeous girl.
  7. She is just gorgeous! I have never seen a merle before! Beautiful. Now I want another chi!
  8. OMG she is adorable, such lovely eyes, great colour coat! I like Kelsey!
  9. Ohhh those eyes!! and that little mouth!! I love these pics!! Such a little doll.
  10. she is TOOO CUTE
  11. cute pics :heart:
  12. That face is adorable- congrats on your new puppy
  13. I have never seen a Merle chi! She is quite a stunner, how lucky she is to have a great mommy. Congrats.
  14. She is so cute!
  15. OMG! She has the cutest face! She deserves a title. Maybe Baroness Kelsey of (insert your city's name here) or something like that. Such a special pup deserves a special name!