Chihuahua (and other dog) lovers? HELP!!!

  1. Do you have more than one dog in your household? My SO and I currently have a pug beagle mix (puggle) that is 15 weeks old and we were considering getting a chihuahua as another dog in the house. My SO really wants another puggle but I really don't think I am ready for another active dog since I'm already pooped with this one. Would you think that a chihuahua and a puggle can learn to get along?

    I'm just worried that chihuahuas are so tiny and fragile that they will not be able to play or be together in the same room. Do you think it will just be bad news? I don't want any dogs to get hurt! :sad:
  2. They have varied temperments. I had one that was super lazy, one that was antisocial, one that was soooo angry...ok well maybe they aren't the BEST with other dogs. I have a boston terrier now (5months) and she LOVES to play with pugs, big dogs, and basically any other dog...including herself. Have you considered getting another puggle, pug, or beagle?
  3. you can never tell with chihuahuas, just like you cant tell with any other breed of dog. we cannot stereotype dogs because of their 'breed' just like we cant stereotype people.

    you may get a completely scared, timid, anti-social chihuahua, and then a totally energetic, happygolucky, social chihuahua in the same litter.. as has just recently happened to my friends! haha

    so basically, you never know! good luck!
  4. Like with any dog, as long as its very well socialized you should be fine! I think they would be lovely company for each other.
  5. My SO wants another puggle but I really want a small, moderately inactive dog like the chihuahua. Or maybe even the dachshund is a good indoor dog. But I've always loved chihuahuas.

    Also, our puggle is 10 pounds now and a chihuahua might just be 3, 4 or 5 lbs! Isn't that so little? One swipe from the puggle and the chi will be a goner?!
  6. noo they are big dogs in little dog bodies!!
    but they are VERY active as well....
  7. ^ note the stereotyping i did after i said we can stereotype them. oh ya, go me.
  8. They also can varry in their size. I have had about a 10lb chiuahua and then a 3lb and then a 2lb...all from the same mother and just never know
  9. Thanks so much! My SO is still unconvinced but I guess we'll see!
  10. Quick chihuahuas bark a lot? (ok so no stereotyping but in general...)
  11. yeah a lot of the ones i know bark quite a bit, and some are very yappy and not good with children, but most are friendly with children that i know of.
  13. I have 2 doxies (see avatar) They are medium energy, and get along well with other dogs. Not yappy, unless it is the UPS guy and he is not bringing them anything.
  14. Hi Irishgal, Barbie and Spot, do your chis/doxies lick your faces a lot? I LOVE THAT! (I know I must be crazy!)
  15. my boston NEVER chihuahuas ALWAYS barked (they were GREAT guard dogs)