chigirl where have you gone?

  1. any one heard from her? haven't heard from her in a week.
  2. i was wondering this very same thing today :confused1: .....chi we miss you!!! check in! :wlae:
  3. chi chi chi chickety china the chinese chicken.....

    hahahahaha. sorry babe i couldn't resist! come out, come out wherever you are! ;)
  4. She had a bag up on eBay the last few days & emailed me about it, so I know she's around - but she said she's been very busy. I'm sure she'll be back soon. Perhaps we can lure her with B-bags...
  5. Awww...PF girls are so sweet to each other!
  6. she's still around. she's been busy. she pops in once in a while. she's stealth though... she doesn't log on so you can't tell she's on. sneaky girl.:ninja: