Chiffon (mousseline) scarves

  1. omg i want that tods!!!!!
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. OK, Enablers!!!

    I have this on hold...its the large size.:nuts:

    Enable me PULEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE!! I love this pattern.
    Tell me, especially, all the ways I can wear it, even though my lifestyle is ridiculously casual. Please!!

    Thank you in advance! :p :heart:
  4. Katel, Tods....Wow! What Collections!!! Sue ~ I Love Your New Purchase!!!!

    I :heart: Dahlia! That Is One I Want & Need!!!!!

    What Is The Name Of The Scarf With The Ballerinas?
  5. ^^^ It's called La Danse
  6. Lovely CB, it will make anything casual feel 'extra special' Just throw it over a casual T... put your sunglasses on and you will instantly feel like Jackie O!
  7. NS, love your stole, isn't that size great? So easy to wear. It is flawless with your picotin.

    CB, I think I have exactly the same mousseline GM on hold. That's one of Anne Faivre's. The colorway I got was a beige with brownish rings, very subtle but very elegant.
  8. Rose, I think you could do the navy soiree, but it might be difficult to work with given a mostly black wardrobe. I am not a big fan of mixing dark navy with black. But if you have navy pants and white shirts, then it'll look great in the summer.
  9. 1. Sexy dinner out over a camisole with your sweetie.

    2. Out shopping at the market - but with such FLAIR!

    3. It just makes you feel chic anytime!

    4. Instant spirit lifter!

    5. With your tropical lifestyle and balmy breezes,, this mousseline is just gorgeous anytime, anywhere!

    5. This pattern is covered with jewelery - you will save a BUNDLE on this GM - imagine what each piece of jewelery on a cord would run you!

    6. Perfect neutral, goes with anything colorway.

    Bottom Line:
    7. If you've fallen in love with it, you'd be CRAZY to walk away, CB!

    (Is that enough?? I've got more if needed...:p )
  10. Wow, Katel - you are good! Clearly, there is no reason for CobaltBlu NOT to buy it!
  11. OMG Katel... you are good!
  12. I am on the fence, so I am going to be good and wait and have a look to see what they have in at the weekend. I got my Black Dahlia:heart: :heart:
  13. Thank You Rose ~ It'a Beauty!
  14. Ok here is the plisse that I did get when searching for my fuschia mousse.
    Still no fuschia mousse to be found.
    Tods, you are brilliant! i love this color on me.Thanks my dear!

    Just wore this to a big client presentation. I think they will give me the business based on the scarf alone!;)
    hscarf 002_1.jpg
  15. ^^Wow! Maybe I need to look at plisses...
    Continued camera troubles...will post my mousses eventually...but this looks great!