Chiffon / Mousseline Finally

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  1. finally has chiffon shawls for sale.

    I have one and it's WONDERFUL!
  2. Beautiful :love:
  3. Gazoo, saw one being purchased at Neimans in Bev Hills and it was beyond fabulous. It was the red toile pattern. What's yours?
  4. Red toile? That sounds beautiful!
  5. I saw the red Toile at our NM too...gorgeous!
  6. Thanks for posting the link. They look very nice indeed :yes:

    Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, is it silk?

    It's a nice length as well, how do you wear your stole?
  7. I was hoping the lady wouldn't buy it so I could grab it!
  8. At this price, better not be polyester:P
  9. Oh, it is lovely.... very lovely!
  10. :roflmfao: Hilarious! I had a good laugh on the other post you made about 'camel piss'
  11. Beautiful!
  12. WOW! It looks so luxuriously soft.
  13. These look beautiful!
  14. Gorgeous - like gossamer.

    How are you wearing it??
  15. Mine is the brown toile. I think the chiffon shawl/scarf is the ultimate in femininity. So beautiful and I think "french" when they blow in the wind!

    And yes they are 100% SILK! They are frail but super decadent in my opinion.
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