Chie Mihara

  1. Does anyone own shoes by this designer? They're carried online at, and but I have yet to see them in store...

    I'm curious if they're comfortable and what the fit is like...
  2. i have not tried them on, but am eyeing a pair at holts. they are cuban heel sandals with this leather strap that wraps around the ankle. so sexy!

    they seem extremely comfortable, as all of the heels i've seen have been a well proportioned stacked heel which will distribute your weight evenly.

    a friend of mine bought a pair maybe a year ago (forget which style), and she raves about them still. she's pretty picky too! haha!
  3. I like her shoes, quite hard to get in the UK
  4. oh dear, I shouldn't have checked out her website - I now so want one of her flat sandals....
  5. I have a pair and they are the most comfortable shoes I own. The leather is butter soft!
  6. YOu can also get them at Gravity Pope in Vancouver, Canada. I have a pair of the navy sandals with the wooden heal and they are amazing-and so comfortable!