Chie Mihara vs Steve Madden

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  1. I'm looking into getting a pair Chie Mahara sandals, I've heard they are super comfy and came across these:

    From La Garconne's website, $354:


    and found this......from Steve Madden's website, $109.95:


    I have searched online and read many cases Madden copied other designers :yucky: Sad...this looks like a direct copy also.:tdown:
  2. Olivia, If you can, buy the real thing. You will know the difference, if only in your heart.

    I have a real disdain for Steve Madden and will never to buy his shoes. I truly believe in affordable fashion, but I can't get behind a company that has made their millions for YEARS creating direct knock-offs and stealing from actual designers.

    Sorry for my rant. ;)

    The Chies are adorable though!
  3. The leather looks more supple in the original. I think they would be much more comfy and wear better, not too mention direct knockoffs= blech :yucky:
  4. I feel the same way and I don't own any SM either ;)
    I love the style of Chie's sandals but can't decide which pair LOL
  5. I agree, Chie's leather obviously looks more supple in the photos. :yes:
  6. I would definitely go with the Chie Mihara ones if I were you! :tup:
  7. I think Steven Madden ones would be uncomfortable. They charge too much for a knockoff with inferior materials & craftsmanship.
  8. i used to love steve madden shoes until i realised they were direct knock-offs. i'd go for the originals
  9. These discussions always make me smile. I believe the question is about 1)value and 2) personal taste.

    Value: Are you getting what you are paying for? Do you wonder why one shoe costs $300 and the other $100? If there is $200 difference in quality and that is important to you, then go for it. If there is not that much difference in quality, then you are padding the pockets of the $300 shoe company.

    Personal Taste: If it is important to you to own the original designer brand over a LEGAL knock-off, then I say go for it. If you would rather save your money on designer shoes to buy an original piece of artwork (for example) rather than a signed copy, then I say skip the designer shoes and go with the artwork.

    If the quality of LEGAL knock-offs meet my standards and the price is right, I have NO problem whatsoever passing on the overpriced designer originals. I would rather use my money elsewhere and not pay more than I need to.

    All a matter of personal preference, IMO. I would rather have original art than original shoes. Better investment, IMO.

    I have a pair of Steven platform espadrilles and Steven platform pumps, both of which are CL knockoffs. The quality of the Steven brand I thought was excellent, and I saved hundreds of $$ over the originals. Do I tell people the are CL's? Nope! I proudly tell people if they ask that I am wearing poor girl knock-offs.
  10. No doubts going with the original and bought a pair of these today :yahoo:

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  11. congrats!!! They're really cute!