Chie Mihara sizing???Comfort??

  1. Hi, I am drooling over a pair of Chie Mihara pumps on eBay right now. I have no experience with this brand.

    Actually I am on a mission to find a pair of fun quirky pumps for work(I am a middle school teacher) with a max 3in heel(unless there is platform). I need them to be comfortable. I love Loeffler Randall for their comfortable pumps, but I already have a pair of black LR peep-toe pumps which just don't quite cut it in damp salty weather.

    Anyway to get back to the question, does anyone know how Chie Maihara sizing runs?
    I wear up to a 39.5 in MiuMiu/Prada. But sometimes LR 8.5 are too big! Also does anyone have this shoe? Is it comfortable? Does it look cute on?

    Anyhelp would be much appreciated! TIA:heart:
  2. Oh P.S,
    I have heard that CL is super comfortable. Should I just give up and take the CL plunge? My concern is that most CL pumps I see are super aggressive and sexy and not okay for teaching 5th graders.:heart:
  3. Chie shoes run true to size and I only have one pair of her shoes.....but when I tried them on I was in was like wearing slippers! They are sandals, made of suede and they are so very very soft.
    I actually tried on the shoe that you posted (on eBay) and found them to be very comfortable. IF you have a narrow heel - or narrow feet - than I think her shoes will be too big.
    Love her funky vibe! You should go to her website and check out her story.......she makes shoes for comfort first and then style...AND they have tons of style!

    I just ordered a pair from Shopbop that were on sale (50% off).

    Good luck
  4. I normally wear a size 8--occassionally an 8.5. However, I've found that my feet are happiest in 38.5 when it comes to European sized shoes like Chie Mihara. My foot is a little wide, so I think it helps to go up to the 38.5 instead of the 38. Hope that helps!

    And CM shoes are very comfy plus have a ton of quirky flair!
  5. I'm with wickedassin, going a half size up in Chies usually keeps my toes from getting squeezed. That said, Chie Miharas are THE most comfortable heels I've ever worn. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Although they're available in many stores, my fave place to shop for Chie Mihara shoes is Ped Shoes because they often have unique color combinations unavailable elsewhere. Case in point, this beauty:[​IMG]
    At first I didn't know how to respond to the cream, green, and yellow, but now I'm saving my pennies to buy it because I can't stop thinking about it.
  6. I've been thinking about getting some Chie Mihara's myself. I LOVE these boots.

  7. I have two pairs of Chie Mihara's and I love them. I think they fit true to size and are the most comfortable shoes (even the heeled ones).
  8. i have one pair and they fit TTS. chie has some really cute styles!
  9. They fit TTS for me too, but if you are thinking aobut it, I would not recommend going any smaller than your normal size. They are well made shoes and so cute.