Chico's! Does anybody shop here?

  1. Do any of you ever shop Chico's? And:shrugs: do you like their clothes?
  2. ^^I guess this was a stupid question to ask!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I get their catalogs and there are a few stores around here, but I've never been tempted to purchase anything, although I know a few people who do.
  4. I am not a Chico's fan... a bit too "older generation" for my taste.
  5. The clothes look better in the catalog than in person. I'm over 50 and find the clothes somewhat matronly, although they do look comfy and probably travel well.

    I think some of the basics, e.g., black pants would fine. I'm normally a size 4 -6 and even their smallest size is a little too big for me. I prefer my clothes to be a little bit more fitted.
  6. Chico's remind me of Paula Deen
  7. My mother shops there but she's older so it works.
  8. I find their clothing matronly too. I recently had to go there with an older relative and actually found a basic v neck sweater. It was something I could probably have found in any store. I haven't liked anything else there though.

    To warn you their clothing runs really big. For tops, I usually wear a medium in chain stores and a large in designer clothing like DVF or theory. At Chicos I was a XS and most of the clothes were still large on me. They seem to cut for a loose look while I like fitted looks.
  9. Nope, never shopped at Chico's but I used to work at White House Black Market(they're under the Chico's brand) and shopped there pretty much every day. Quality of clothes- so, so. Spend alot on dry cleaning. But I did like their clothes and I had a fab discount so I didn't pay alot. So if you're looking for something a little 'younger' try WHBM...
  10. They look really pretty in the catalogue, but the fit is huge! Some of the jackets and jewelry are pretty.
  11. Not a fan of Chico's....Hate their commercials! lol