Chicken Spiedinni & Coach

  1. Ok's one for the ugghhhh reports. Just got my new Signature Patchwork Hobo. Carried it ONCE before leaving to go home for two weeks at my parents. So we all get dressed and head out for the Italian Festival and my dear dad and I decide to get some Chix Spiedinni. No sooner had my darling dad picked up his plate and BAM...with one deft flick of his wrist...yup, Chix Spiedinni all down the front of my NEW SIG PATCHWORK HOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't freaking believe it!
    The good thing...I got it out. Cold water, dabbing at it, and later, Spray and Wash. Now, a question for the rest of you do you get pen marks out of leather? Or is that even possible? :confused1:
  2. OH MY! good thing you got it out!

    not sure about pen marks though, hopefully someone knows. Have you tried the leather cleaner?
  3. I haven't tried leather's a red pen mark on a white Marchess Dooney I have, (the second casualty from my trip home).
    I don't know what was worse, the hysterics I had about my Coach bag or how bad my poor dad felt. Poor guy!
  4. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got that out! Whew! Coach makes some gooooooood fabric!
  5. I know! I'm impressed. I never dreamed of being able to get olive oil out of anything, much less after it had time to set in. Kudos to Coach!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. ^^Ditto what kidlearner said!^^

    My heart skipped a beat when I read your story!
  7. Wow ! good thing you got it out ! for pen marks,try cheap hairspray like Aquanet aerosol
  8. pen and leather do not go together

    i have a pen mark on my ergo wallet and i took it to coach and they said i was hopeless. i even let them try the cleaner, since it was already ruined, and nothing happened.

    if anyone has any suggestions, i'd be willing to try, but like you, i'm bummed because of a pen mark.
  9. i read on the Coach site that if you just keep rubbing the leather, the pen mark should blend or fade in. i don't know how well that would work, but it gives you a good excuse to feel up your bag.

    good thing you were able to clean your bag :smile: i once got some oily curry sauce on my light colored sig :sad: i was able to get most of that out with ivory liquid soap, thank goodness.
  10. ^^ for what we pay for these items, i'd be motivated to sit there and rub alllllllll day!

    I'm so paranoid about pen marks, though, that I always have to borrow a pen to write things down - I'm afraid to have a pen in or near my bags! (though, ever since I picked up an agenda at the outlet about 3 months ago, there's always a safe twist-up pen tucked away in the agenda.)
  11. Use hairspray. It should take the pen mark out. I would suggest following it with moisturizer because hairspray contains alcohol. I've used this trick on all sorts of items and it always works.

    I'm so glad you were able to get your patchwork cleaned up! What a disaster!!
  12. Ditto! My crumb snatcher had the pen, writing down all the new Papo figures he needed and swiped it across the bag accidentally.
    I'm one of those shoppers that pick up the pens or a pen at a checkout/register and move them before I lay stuff down that I'm going to purchase. I'm sure all the SAs that see me do this think I'm either super rude or nuts! But I don't want anything getting on something new I'm going to buy!

  13. I do this too!!

    And glad you were able to clean the PW bag off.....I don't know what I would've done!!
  14. I was this close to tears, and I am not a crier at all. I felt so bad for my dad...he looked like he wanted to die. He knows how I am about my "trophies" aka bags and he was just besides himself.
    Am going to try hairspray on the white Dooney, but don't feel so bad about that one as I got a super deal on it at TJ Maxx. But still......:sad:
  15. that's awesome you got that off of your hobo...
    kinda makes me mad that I can't get a little bit of dinge off of a signature stripe bag..ugh,lol.